Dallas needs a new head coach to get to the next level


I live at a lake. I see people fall off their jet skies all the time. The craft just goes around in a circle. That is what has happened to the Cowboys. They have not won a playoff game since Romo was in high school. Without a coach in control of a pro team, the franchise will not advance.

The reason that Wade Phillips is still the coach must be that Jerry Jones wants to surround himself with lackeys. We know that Jones knows a coach when he sees one because he has had a couple of the best in the history of the game. So why Phillips? Because Jones wants to be “the” star of stars in Dallas. Phillips couldn’t be a star in a basketball league of 5 year olds.

QB Tony Romo is more of a pop culture star than an NFL star. He seems to lack the discipline to move from good to great. Can you imagine him lacking discipline in a Bill Cowher or Bill Belichick locker room? Romo has “weak-itis.” He rolls up big numbers against the weak teams but folds in the big games in the 4th quarter when it counts the … Read more at FryingPanSports

Steve McNair was a star and not hero.


There is a difference between a “star” and a hero. Titan QB Vince Young said at the funeral for Steve McNair that the former Titan QB was a hero to him. Vince, McNair was no hero.

Let me tell you about a real hero. Capt. William C. Smith was on Omaha Red beech 2 hours before the invasion of the Allies on D-Day. He won a Bronze Star with V for valor. He called fire from the battle ships and destroyers against the impenetrable Hitler defenses. For two hours it was just him and around 150,000 well armed and really irritated Germans. I know that fact because he is my father. Vince, THAT is a hero.

The men and women that risk their lives every hour of every day fighting terrorism are heroes and should be acknowledged as such. They all volunteered to go to war to fight so that we could have the freedoms we enjoy. They are real heroes.

The Police and Fire fighters that risk their lives every day to protect all of us are heroes. My brother in law Bill Balentyne has saved a half a dozen people’s lives as an EMT medic. He is a … Read more at FryingPanSports

MLB All Star weekend troubles.


What does everyone want to be named to but nobody wants to go to? Answer—the MLB All Star Game. Many players earn a bonus if they are named to the game only to find they are unable to participate because they are totally disabled by a potentially fatal case of hangnail.

The American League has no players entered in the home run derby. Even the HRD which has been the one shining star in MLB’s All Star Weekend has some serious rust on it. While every All Star game has challenges, MLB’s game seems to be the most endangered.

Who wouldn’t give up a weekend off at home with the family in the middle of July to spend a couple of days on the field at St. Louis in 100 degree 100% humidity? Evidently plenty of people wouldn’t. Even the NFL has decided that to get anyone to play in their post season game, they have to hold it in Hawaii. Baseball holds their game in the middle of the season. Maybe they should put a franchise in Hawaii too. At least the weather would be better.

Players are afraid of injury. Remember Pete Rose running over Cleveland’s Ray Fosse … Read more at FryingPanSports