Should the Browns trade up for Bradford?


The latest rumor on the draft boards is that the Browns are negotiating with the Rams to get the #1 pick. It seems that GM Tom Heckard and his team were reportedly suggesting the deal to management. Holmgren put a wet towel on the talk and said today that the cost is just too high. But that doesn’t mean it is totally off the table but may be just under the table cloth. There are several issues here and we will look at all of them.

The Browns considerations for doing the deal:

  1. There is no question that the team needs a QB. Delhomme is not the long term answer and may not be a short term answer unless he quits throwing the ball to the other team. There are not any NFL starting quality QBs on the roster now. They could use Bradford.
  2. The deal would give the fans some hope. That is something that they have not had in a long time. There was a small percentage of the fans that were excited about the hire of Mangini but that did not turn out well. Most were more excited about the signing of Holmgren. He at least had
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Tuesday Morning QB on a Thursday night.


After 5 games there are two kinds of teams—The quick and the dead. The quick are off to a fast start and the dead are just that for any chance to get to the post season. The secret to getting into the playoffs is beating up on the teams that you should and at least splitting with the top teams that you play. This season there are 9 really bad teams in the league. That is more than in most years and points to a lot of coaching vacancies after the season.

The Quick:


The Vikings are everything I said they would be before the season but there are some danger signs. Three of their wins are on the dead list—Cleveland, Detroit, and St. Louis. When they played better quality teams they have struggled at home on the O or the D. In the game against the 49ers the O struggled to a 27-24 win. Against the Pack the D struggled to get off the field and just won 30-23.

The Indy Colts have gotten off to a fast start but it is a little deceiving. They also played 3 games against teams on the dead list and one … Read more at FryingPanSports

NFL Commissioner Goodell is a gutless liar!


The NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke out today on the issue of Rush Limbaugh’s desire to be a minority part of a bid to buy the St. Louis Rams. Mr. Goodell, you are gutless and you are a liar!

You are a lier because you state that Mr. Limbaugh is divisive. That is only one lie spawned by the Left Media that was so willing to sell their soul (if they ever had one) to the Democratic Party that they failed to see how the video of ACORN attempting to become an accessory to multiple crimes. They have no credibility with the public. They consider anyone that does not worship at the alter of the far left to be “divisive”.

In his statement he also mentioned the disparaging comment that Rush made about McNabb. Again, he was just mouthing the claims of the radical media that the comment was a slam against McNabb. Are you so stupid that you failed to realize that McNabb was getting more positive media attention than his performance at that point deserved? If you realized it but chose to ignore the fact, again you are a liar. If you are too dumb to recognize the … Read more at FryingPanSports

The NFLPA needs to keep its nose out of owner business.


Tomorrow will be a Tuesday Wednesday with our usual Tuesday QB appearing then.

NFLPA Exec Dir DeMaurice Smith has sent a message to the NFL Owners saying that radio star Rush Limbaugh should be banned from being part of the ownership group bidding for the St. Louis Rams. The reason Smith sighted was that Limbaugh is decisive. Not only is that bogus but it is a lie. Smith didn’t have the guts to say what he really though—that Limbaugh is racist.

If pressed, I am sure he could never come up with a single thing that Limbaugh has said that would lead anyone to think he is racist. That is remarkable because Limbaugh is on the air 15 hours a week. In addition every second of that time is monitored by those that want nothing more than to bring him down. Very few people operate everyday under that kind of pressure.

What is worse, most of the quotes that are used to vilify Limbaugh have been fabricated by a far left media that is jealous of his success. The “progressive” (far left) Air America failed and went bankrupt despite a key executive stealing several hundred thousand dollars from the Boys … Read more at FryingPanSports

What did we learn in week 3?


QB News:

Miami: QB Chad Pennington is likely out for the season. According to ESPN, he suffered a torn capsule in his shoulder. He is getting a second opinion. I hope he can recover from the injury. He has always had the head of a coach, the heart of a lion and the arm of a chicken. But he is a perfect QB for the Dolphin O. Former 2nd round pick Chad Henne from Michigan will start for the time being.

St. Louis: QB Mark Bulger has a rotator cuff injury. He will miss significant time.

Tampa Bay: Coach Morris announced that Josh Johnson will be the starter replacing Byron Leftwich who will be the #3 QB behind rookie Josh Freeman.

Cleveland: Brady Quinn was replaced by Derek Anderson to start the second half. As usual, no information has been made public about who will start next week against the Bengals. He will announce his latest victim on Wednesday.

Quinn has shown nothing in 2+ games. Anderson moved the ball much better in the 2nd half but threw 3 picks. In my opinion, Mangenus will select Anderson but he should stick with Quinn. We all know that Anderson … Read more at FryingPanSports

MLB All Star weekend troubles.


What does everyone want to be named to but nobody wants to go to? Answer—the MLB All Star Game. Many players earn a bonus if they are named to the game only to find they are unable to participate because they are totally disabled by a potentially fatal case of hangnail.

The American League has no players entered in the home run derby. Even the HRD which has been the one shining star in MLB’s All Star Weekend has some serious rust on it. While every All Star game has challenges, MLB’s game seems to be the most endangered.

Who wouldn’t give up a weekend off at home with the family in the middle of July to spend a couple of days on the field at St. Louis in 100 degree 100% humidity? Evidently plenty of people wouldn’t. Even the NFL has decided that to get anyone to play in their post season game, they have to hold it in Hawaii. Baseball holds their game in the middle of the season. Maybe they should put a franchise in Hawaii too. At least the weather would be better.

Players are afraid of injury. Remember Pete Rose running over Cleveland’s Ray Fosse … Read more at FryingPanSports