Sports: Training for Battle


Traditionally many cultures have trained their new generations of warriors by introducing them to sports. These games were designed to develop skills such as teamwork and strategic thinking. Games like Rugby and American Football really bring home the concept of War-as-Sport. Even soccer/football, arguably the most popular sport in the world is based on this tradition. The teams each have to defend their home base (their goals) and maintain possession of a strategic item that can be used to defeat the opposing team (the ball). Strict rules are enforced to make the game uniform and also to make it so players can be compared in relative skill vs each other more easily.

The ultimate example of War-as-Sport is paintball. Platoons of players armed with pump paintball guns that fire gelatin balls filled with dye at high velocity basically act out real life, modern day combat scenarios. No one dies, but it’s a pretty darned good simulation. The invention of the paintball gun and subsequent invention of the relatively cheap and highly effective safety equipment that is necessary to play the sport safely is perhaps the greatest achievement in sporting history since fencing.

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Finally the NHL can laugh at a sport about TV Coverage.


The biggest international soccer game in the last 20 for the US team is not going to be on any English speaking TV network. The US vs. Mexico on August 12th will be broadcast in the US only on Spanish TV. The NHL’s deal with the Vs. Network doesn’t look so bad.

Maybe the Vs network was too busy covering the US Turtle Assoc. races to bother with US soccer. At any rate, any hope that the US performance in the most recent tournament has sparked massive interest in the sport can be put to rest. The question is with millions of young adults having played soccer in their very early life, why has soccer never taken off as a major sport?

The explanation is simple—we Americans don’t watch what we won’t win. In most of the world, the best athletes that a nation has become soccer players. Here, the best athletes play in the NBA, NFL, and MLB. As a result, we don’t win many international competitions. Americans don’t enjoy tuning in to see the US team get pounded by faster, more athletic teams from South America and Europe.

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