Why You Need Sports Team Insurance

Sports Team Insurance

Most companies have general liability insurance that will cover their company on a day to day basis. In situations such as when you are hosting special events where your clients may be present, if there is an accident, more often than not you will not be covered by your liability insurance. This is when a different type of insurance can really be helpful, five minute insurance or special event insurance can really be a life saver.

As its name stats, special event insurance covers just that, special events. If the company is hosting an event that is not related to its general business criteria, special event insurance will cover the event just for that day.

Five minute insurance is often used for other purposes than by businesses; one such event in which it is very popular is weddings. No one wants to have to worry about on their wedding day is what it will cost you if one of your guests were to get hurt. Or what it could cost you if one of your guest damaged property. Most often times, the venue where you are having your wedding will require that you have event insurance and that they are … Read more at FryingPanSports