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Johnny Manziel is in Danger of Loosing the Locker Room.

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Manziel Money

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So far we have heard only good things about Johnny Manziel on the practice field. That is expected but not particularly significant. Both OTAs and mini-camps are football in shorts. Even Brandon Weeden looked good in shorts. The problem surrounding Manziel is the publicity off the field.

Clearly, Manziel has not violated any laws or team rules. That is a huge positive. However, there are still issues. His comment that he won’t change his lifestyle for anyone was not a good sign. He sounded like a spoiled punk. That indicates he will not limit his exposure to his posse or social media.

Several of the Browns team leaders have said that Manziel is becoming a distraction because of questions about his off the field activities. It doesn’t matter what I think. It doesn’t matter what you think. It does matter a lot what players in the locker room think. Once a QB looses the locker room it is hard to get it back.

If he shows he is willing to pay the price to be effective under center, he can win it back. But it will take a while. In the mean time more money phone calls or money signs will make things worse. Every time he does something stupid like that the team looses respect for him.

You can’t be a team leader acting like a 6 year old. Until he grows up the team veterans will look at him like a spoiled kid. Manziel has a very short window to win over the team. He has wasted the momentum he got from the draft. Now he is wasting his chance to build a relationship with the veteran leaders on the team. Without the support of his team a great career is unlikely.

That is what I think. Tell us what you think.

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The Social Force Of The National Football League

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Marine Corps Maj. (Ret) Mike Fonteno got a sur...

NFL Fans Among Most Social

American football as it is widely referred to in many quarters is one of the most celebrated sport in America and the National Football League (NFL)  is arguably the most profitable sports business on this planet. The American population is widely renowned  for the love of football, if it is not watching an NFL game on the television with a couple of friends or family then you will probably find them on the stadium cheering  on their favorite NFL team. That in itself goes a long way to show the social impact NFL has on the lives of many people.

Well, a number of factors come into play when you consider NFL fans among most social. Firstly, the NFL is usually associated with a lot of fun fare that goes a long way in attracting large audiences. Talk of the color and pomp usually seen on the game day inside and outside the stadiums, the cheering squads and the entertainment the fans get to enjoy inside the stadium during recess period. Those who opt to enjoy the game at the comfort of their living rooms are not left out as well, they get to  bond with friends  as they enjoy a game of football. All this activities go a long way in creating a socially conducive environment for the  interaction of fans.

And although the league has recently put some limits on players, coaches and referees using Twitter during the games and 90 minutes prior to the games, players are widely followed on social media and interact regularly with their fans.

In a nutshell, the NFL has cemented its place as one of America’s most  popular sporting culture and as such it is inevitable that it has grown to be a social force to reckon with. The passion it commands within its ranks certainly aids in the understanding of why we find NFL fans among most social.

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