The Appeal of Funny Boxing

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There are many people that do not have a stomach for the violence and unnecessary brutality that the people who are not boxing fans associate with the game. These sports enthusiasts who do not appreciate the actual boxing game, but its elements as a sport have primarily been behind the emergence of another interesting trend of funny boxing. This is a widely accepted selection of snippets of a typical boxing match, but with the hilarious aspects of it extracted to make a collection of interesting footage. The first use of funny boxing was in the early 80’s and this could well have marked the start of another equally interesting kind of boxing common with video games.

In the recent years, video game platforms have become more creative in their use of various types of animation with each new release. Some of the video games that have a high level of animation are games that take their simulation themes from the boxing arena. Basically, the aim of these types of games is to punch an opponent silly and vanquish them. The level of animation can rise from one color two dimensional videos to high techno-color three dimensional animation. … Read more at FryingPanSports is much better than Fantasy football and now it's FREE!

Fryingpan Sports is much better than Fantasy football and now it’s FREE!


By Bill Smith

Fantasy football can be fun but more often it’s just frustrating. Even in keeper teams, you build a team and then lose all but 2 or 3 players to free agency. The season lasts 14 weeks plus playoffs not all year long. It has one draft and if you blow it (like the Browns always do), you live with your errors for 4 months.

The worst part is when your first round choice is injured, or a pinhead coach decides to pass and not run the ball, you have no prayer of winning. I don’t waste my time with fantasy football any longer because I have found something much more enjoyable and realistic—

32 players work as Owners/GM of their favorite team from scouting rookies to the draft to training camp and then through the regular season and playoffs. The GM drafts players based on actual NFL players through the 2007 season, sets the lineups, develops individual game plans for both offense and defense.

As a former semi-pro coach, I can truly say that this game is the closest thing to real coaching. A … Read more at FryingPanSports