Is DeMaurice Smith director of the NFLPA the Gulf Oil spill to the NFL Players Association?

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Is DeMaurice Smith director of the NFLPA the Gulf Oil spill to the NFL Players Association?

Just this week, two very powerful old friends of DeMaurice Smith’s were quoted saying some rather bazaar things.  The first old friend; President Obama and the second Smith’s former boss Attorney General Eric Holder were quoted saying as far “As the Gulf oil spill is concerned we will keep our boots on the throats of the British Petroleum Executives.”

The Obama Administration could have just as easily said, “We are aware of the severe nature of this incident and are ready to stand side by side and lend full assistance until this spill is contained”; but no, even though the US Government has complete regulatory power they choose to take no responsibility, stand above the fray and jam their boot down on some throats.

Mr. Smith was chosen as the Director  for the NFLPA specifically due to his close ties to Obama and other high government officials.  Given that fact it is not surprising that Smith stated in Feb. 2010 without hesitation, “there is a 140% chance of a player lockout in 2011.”  Instead of saying something like ”We are ready to stand side … Read more at FryingPanSports

Tampa Bay—Pick a quarterback; any quarterback


The Buccaneers have a new coaching staff. new GM, new players, but one thing hasn’t changed since the days of Jon “Chuckie” Gruden—The team is still searching for a legitimate QB. They need an NFL quality QB to compete in the NFC South. Right now they don’t have one.

New head coach Raheem Morris has yet to name a starter. He has a few choices but none of them have “it” that an NFL QB requires. Luke McCown, Byron Leftwich, and rookie Josh Freeman are all in the mix with Freeman a little behind the other two. McCown is 1 and 6 as a starter. He has a career passer rating of 75. No “it” there. I like Leftwich more than the other 2 but he is not an NFL quality starter either. He had a passer rating of 104.3 last year in Pittsburgh. But that was on only 36 attempts. Overall he has a career average rating of a little over 80. As of today, McCown seems to have a slight edge. Morris has said he would reveal the Game 1 starter before the 3rd preseason game. Freeman is the wildcard. He has a ton of physical ability … Read more at FryingPanSports

The Ravens will be different but will they be better?


There is no question that the window for the Ravens to win another Super Bowl is closing. The D is getting older and there are still questions on O. The Ravens will be different but there is serious doubt that they will be better or worse than in 08.

The D will be a little younger. The Ravens jettisoned their expensive and injury prone pro bowl CB Chris McAlister and brought in FA Domonique Foxworth. He had better work out because they are spending 27 million for the next 4 years with over 16 mil guaranteed. The other corner will be ex Raider Fabian Washington. Samari Rolle who was a starter came back on a backup contract and will be the key replacement. FS Ed Reed is older than dirt but played at a high level last year. He had better be just as good this season. The SS spot is up in the air. The Ravens have their fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed that Dawan Landry can come back after missing all but 2 games from a neck injury last year. There isn’t much behind him so he had better get well soon.

The linebacking will get new … Read more at FryingPanSports