Optimum Scouting Annual NFL Draft Guide is my choice!



I don’t often recommend a product on my site.  However, the Optimum Scouting Annual NFL Draft Guide is not only the best value on the Internet; it is written by Eric Galko, a regular on my show and fellow draft geek I trust.

 The draft is always fluid.  Player ratings rise and fall right up to the day of the draft.  I am kind of new at analyzing the draft.  I have only been doing it since 1960.  This season is most fluid and controversial I have seen in years.

 The cost is very reasonable at just $5.99.  But what makes the Optimum Scouting Annual NFL Draft Guide such a great value is the fact that it is the most up to date guide available.   Traditional print draft guides were written months ago.  They do not have up to date information.

 The Optimum Scouting Annual NFL Draft Guide was completed just this week and is up to date as any draft guide can be.  Eric’s team has the experience and expertise to do the job right.  I recommend the Optimum Scouting Annual NFL Draft Guide to all my listeners and readers.  It is available at http://www.optimumscouting.com/uncatagorized/it-s-ready-get-your-copy-of-our-2013-nfl-draft-guide.html.  Be ready for the … Read more at FryingPanSports

NNR NFL Draft Special with Pro Scout Kelron Sykes

NFL Draft

Kelron and I discussed the methodology of scouting, what the war rooms are doing 3 weeks before the draft and his thoughts about the Browns and this year’s draft

 NNR040813 Kelron Sykes

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