The Cavs loss to the Spurs bodes well for the playoffs.

LeBron (2)

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The Cavs lost but gave the NBA Champion Spurs all they wanted and more last night. The difference was the familiarity between the players on the floor. For the most part the Spurs have been together since 1900 (OK not quite that long) while the Cavs were playing just their 10th game together. Even so the Cavs were just 1 TO from winning the game.

The strength of the Spurs is their knowledge of what every player will do in each situation. That is why they have so few turnovers. It is also what allows their ball movement.

The Cavs are on the shake down cruise portion of the schedule. Add to the new teammates the fact that both the coach and the systems on both ends of the floor are new and the early season is bound to have ups and downs. The Cavs need to work hardest on the defensive end of the floor keeping the guards out of the lane and Read more at FryingPanSports

LeBron James Opted Out.


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According to ESPN Sports Center, Lebron James’ agent informed the Heat that he will opt out of his contract. This is the biggest case of buyers remorse since somebody at Ford came up with the idea of the Edsel. There are two people that Heat fans can blame for LeBron’s decision—Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade.

As I have said before during the NBA finals against the Spurs both guys played like manikins in a dress shop. Wade is a has been and Bosh is a never was. If Wade was anything close to healthy he would have helped turn the tide against the Spurs. Bosh was over rated in the draft, over rated when he came to the Heat and is only a star in his own eyes. He disappears during critical parts of the game. When a star needs to step up, he steps back.

The question is where will LeBron choose to go? There is a lot of talk in Cleveland that he might come back to the Cavs. As a former part owner of … Read more at FryingPanSports

Is This End of Tim Duncan’s HOF Career?

T Duncan

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Last year when the Spurs were up 3 games to 2 there was talk that if they won the title, Tim Duncan might retire. The Spurs had struggled to get to the game advantage over LeBron James and the Heat. Then when the Heat came back to win Game 6 in San Antonio the Spurs fans dream of another title died. What also died was the talk by others of Duncan retiring. He was not about to go out that way.

This year is totally different. Despite the strength of the Western Conference, the Spurs won home court advantage. When the Heat won game 2 last Sunday on the Spurs’ court things looked bad. Many felt that had James been cramp free in game 1 the series would have been 2-0 for the Heat. But the Spurs did something that no one could have expected. They went to Miami and won both games.

In the history of the finals no team had come back from a 3-1 deficit. The Heat not only failed to come back, they were blown out in the 3rd straight Read more at FryingPanSports

The Heat have the LeBron and the Timid 2


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In game 3 of the NBA Finals it was LeBron James vs. the Spurs. It is beginning to look like LeBron is giving up on the Heat and the Timid 2. He had the lead in game 1 when he was struck by cramps. He left and so did Heat. The Spurs took game 1. In games 3 and 4 LeBron was the one and only factor for the Heat. As a result the Heat lost both of the home games. The title will belong to the Spurs and LeBron will be looking for help in the off season.

Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh were taking up space for no particular purpose. On the defensive end both looked like dress shop manikins watching the Spurs pass the ball around. On the offensive end they were trying out for the title role in Invisible Man II. The “white out” became “walk out” a couple of minutes into the 4th quarter.

Some apologists will want to blame the little 9 rather than the big 3. But this series has pointed out the … Read more at FryingPanSports

Celtics versus Lakers Rivalry Stands the Test of time

Last summer, the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers added yet another stunning chapter to the greatest rivalry in National Basketball Association history, as they wrapped up another epic war at the 2010 NBA Finals. This marked the 12th time these two historic franchises have met to decide who is the top dog in all of basketball. The Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant was handed the Finals MVP Award after leading an epic comeback from a 13-point third quarter deficit.

The Latest Chapter

Each team certainly has the adequate talent to carry their team to championship glory, but it was the Lakers who got the better of Boston on this occasion. Bryant led his Los Angeles Lakers, along with fellow stars Ron Artest, Derek Fisher and Pau Gasol over a Celtics bunch that trotted out a starting lineup comprised of Rajon Rondo, Rasheed Wallace, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. This was just another in the long line of great matchups between these two bitter rivals, but it was the Lakers who now have the last laugh.

Even after winning the 2010 Championship, if the Lakers want to truly even up this rivalry, they will have to defeat the … Read more at FryingPanSports

LeBron could win MVP and Coach of the Year!


One theory of management is “the level of competence.” That theory says that an organization will promote people based on their ability to do their current job. But at some point they become no longer “promotable” because they are no longer doing an outstanding job. They are in a job one level above their level of competence. Those people should be demoted back to a job that they do well but they almost never are.

I see the Cav’s coach Brown as just such a case. From all reports Brown was a more than competent as associate head coach of the Indiana Pacers and as an assistant coach for the San Antonio Spurs. But he is in my opinion not even close to being competent as head coach.

Science tells us that nature abhors a vacuum. Because Brown is incompetent as head coach there is a power vacuum that out of necessity LeBron James has been forced to fill. As good as James is, it is very difficult to get an overview of the game from the court. He is so focused on doing his job that he is not able to see that the offensive flow of the team … Read more at FryingPanSports