QB Controversies can be hazardous to a coach’s employment.


One of the things that head coaches at all levels of sports fear the most is a QB controversy. That is particularly true in the NFL. This preseason there are a number of them around the league. However, the analysis of each will be the fodder for future articles.

The point of this posting is the danger that they pose for the continued employment of coaches around the league. Despite what you have heard about pro players there is one thing you should know—players know which QB gives the team the best chance to win. If the coaching staff make the right choice everyone has a decent chance of holding onto his job. If not, the coaching staff will appreciate the extended unemployment benefits the federal government now provides.

The biggest risk of making a job threatening mistake is in the hands of Rex Ryan. The Jets have said that there will be a true competition between Geno Smith and Mike Vick. The staff wants Smith to win the job but based on what I have seen Vick gives the team a much better chance to win now. However I suspect that unless Smith stinks the place up so badly … Read more at FryingPanSports

The NFL’s Marijuana Policy is Not What It Seems.


The NFL’s test is 10 times more restrictive than that of the Olympic Committee. To add to the NFL’s

duplicity in weed testing, the league has paid for a study to determine if the substance assists players recovering from concussion syndrome.

With two states having already decriminalized the use of weed and several other state considering it, the NFL position on weed seems extreme. The NFL is currently negotiating with the NFLPA to trade testing for marijuana for testing for human growth hormone (HGH). It seems that the NFL is using the marijuana policy to force the NFLPA to accept HGH testing to allow players to smoke weed when they feel like it.

These negotiations are progressing but the league has announced that even if it removes marijuana testing from the drug policy, those that have already failed a test for it will not be affected. They will still be punished even as the league is eliminating the penalties and testing for it. That includes the top yardage receiver in the league last year Josh Gordon.

So the league is clearly duplicitous in its punishment for marijuana violations. It does not mind being duplicitous because it is the biggest bully … Read more at FryingPanSports

I really like Johnny Manziel but…


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The rumor going around Twitter is that I am a Johnny hater. That is not the case and I wanted to make my position clear for all the other Browns fans that read https://fryingpansports.com/ or listen to NNR. Let me make one thing clear—beyond similar size, there is no comparison between Manziel and the QB I was totally sold on in the 2012 draft Russell Wilson. Wilson is a pocket passer with escape ability.

I like what Manziel did at Texas A&M. I did not have him on my board as a 1st round QB only because I had a number of questions about him. Most of all, I wonder if he will spend the time in the film room that it takes to help a QB particularly a rookie QB develop. Wilson is a film room junkie and works hard on his craft. Manziel would rather go to a basketball game than watch film. He is now saying all the right things. Read more at FryingPanSports

Last minute NFL Draft trade rumors.

NFL Draft (2)

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The only time you hear more lies than the days leading up to the draft is during a Presidential campaign. After studying the NFL draft since 1960, I guess I have seen and heard about all the rumors and stories many times. Here are my impressions of what is true and what is a smoke screen.

The Texans will trade out of the 1st pick.

Getting something close to the value for DE Jadeveon Clowney at the top spot will be very hard. Although they are clearly open for business, the asking price they want is a high 1st and 2nd this draft and the trading team’s number 1 in 2015. I doubt they will find someone to pay that price.

The Lions want to trade up to get WR Sammy Watkins.

The Lions would love to trade up to get Watkins but it will be costly. While several teams in the top 5 would love to trade down, … Read more at FryingPanSports

Final NNR Mock draft tonight at 6 PM EDT

NFL Draft (2)

Tonight Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports, former Jags scout Kelron Sykes and I give our last 1st round mock draft. At 6:30 Ken Becks of 1stDownScouting.com will join us to talk draft.

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Final List of Top 5 Offensive Positions for the 2014 NFL Draft.

NFL Draft (2)

QB – 1 Teddy Bridgewater Louisville – Forget the pro day and watch the tape.

2 Zach Mettenberger LSU – Is the most ready full size NFL QB in the draft.

3 Blake Bortles UCF – Needs to sit at least 1 year. Footwork it main issue.

4 Johnny Manziel Texas A&M – Game may not transfer + injury risk.

5 Jimmy Garoppolo Eastern Illinois – Needs 2 years to be ready to start.

Over rated – Derek Carr Fresno State – Wets himself when rushed.

RB – 1 Carlos Hyde RB Ohio StateBiggest value in the draft. Better than Lacy last year.

2 Tre Mason RB Auburn – Tough guy that plays bigger than he is.

3 Bishop Sankey RB Washington – 3rd down back that can catch or play in the slot.

4 Jeremy Hill RB LSU – Pushed down due to red flags in his background but talented.

5 Ka’Deem Carey RB Arizona – Plays faster than he times but should have stayed in school.

WR – 1 Mike Evans Texas A&M – Has great size and hands, and good speed without red flags.

2 Sammy Watkins Clemson – Best talent but red … Read more at FryingPanSports