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5 Paintball Tips for Beginners

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Paintball is a very exciting hobby, but when you are first getting started playing paintball you want to be aware of some things. Spend a few minutes going over these five paintball tips for beginners, and you and the people playing with you will enjoy the game much more.

One important paintball tip for beginners is to communicate.
Many times a beginning player will quietly play the game and feel it isn’t their place yet to speak up and communicate with the other players on the team. The more you communicate with your fellow players the better you will do.

By communicating with your team you will be in a better position to coordinate attacks on them. Many times opposing teams change the strategy mid-game, and if you don’t let your team know about changes you see, they can be exposed to potential attacks. The more you communicate the better the team will know where on the field all the opposing players are. Communication doesn’t have to only involve radio, if you see something you can shout it out to your team members.

A great tip for beginners is to practice on your own. Take some time and go practice in areas that you are weak at. Take in a game over the weekend and get some time on offense if that is where you are lacking. You can improve the more you play so when you are in a game with your team and they need to call on your for something, you will ready to go. You can also go to a paintball match and observe players and pick up some tricks and techniques that could help your overall game. Remember that practice will only improve your skills.

Get familiar with you equipment.
If you know that your gun can not shoot past 50 feet, then when you are in battle and at a significant distance, save your paint. If your gun isn’t very good at rapid fire, when the battle calls for a high speed shootout you know you should not be at the head of the charge. If you can’t aim and run with your gun at the same time, don’t try it when your team is counting on you. The trick here is to become familiar with all your equipment and then play to your strengths, not your weakness.

What To Wear For Paintball? When you dress for paintball, wear dark clothing.
You will blend in better with the surroundings and give yourself a small advantage. Never wear white to a paintball battle or you will be the first target all day long. Make sure to wear hiking boots or running shoes. You want your feet as comfortable as possible because you may be running, walking or standing around for long periods of time. If the game allows cleats, they make sure you get a pair. Cleats can provide you many little advantages in the game, from being able to maneuver in mud to getting excellent traction in wet grass.

Bud Light Paintball Airstrike - Paintball Disc...

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A final paintball tip for beginners is to always keep your eyes open
. Many beginners get tunnel vision and see a target and go like a jet directly to them without ever looking sideways and get blasted mid-stride. Sometimes beginners get so focused on a potential target they even forget to look behind them. Many opposing players set traps and use decoys to flush out players. Keep your eyes open and always be aware of your surroundings in a complete 360 degree radius.

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Rugby: ‘A Hooligan’s Game, Played by Gentlemen’

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Rugby is one of the fastest growing sports in America. The game’s growing popularity is due partially due to the fact that it is a game for all shapes and sizes. From the tiny scrum-half to the hulking prop, there is a position for almost every type of athlete. The Rugby World Cup 2011 has generated recent curiosity about this unique sport showcasing strength, agility, teamwork and endurance.

A rugby ball is shaped like an oversized American football. It is passed backward only, moving up the field through running or kicking. ‘Ruggers’, as players are affectionately known, wear no padding or helmets, although some do wear a ‘scrumcap’ that protects the head from bumps and scrapes in the ‘scrum’.

There are several types of rugby, including league, sevens and touch. The most common form is referred to as ‘rugby union’. In rugby union, each team has fifteen players on the 100-yard long ‘pitch’ at a time. Games, called ‘matches’, consist of two 40-minute running halves. Points are scored by grounding the ball in the opponents’ ‘try zone’ or by kicking the ball through their goal posts.

A ‘try’ is similar to a ‘touchdown’ in American football; however, the ball itself must be touched, with control, to the ground within the try-lines. Tries are worth five points; another two are added if the scoring team successfully kicks their ‘conversion’. This is similar to a free-kick in soccer, and the attempt is granted to the scoring team after every try. Outside the try-zone, the field kick is a popular scoring method at higher levels and is worth three points.

While a team’s attack is limited to running with the ball and kicking, defense is allowed full contact tackling to defend their half of the pitch. Once on the ground, the tackled player must release the ball, and both teams contend for possession. A ‘ruck’ forms when two opposing players bind onto each other over the ball. Other players may join, but the ball must be moved out through the back of the ruck with the players’ feet only.

Rucking is mainly done by the ‘forwards’. These players are generally larger and slower. They form the ‘scrum’. Scrums occur after a penalty and put the ball back into play. ‘Backs’, as their name suggests, hang back and run plays once the ball is in their possession. They are often smaller and quicker than their forward teammates.

While it is well known that American football has its origins in rugby, many people are still unaware of how hugely popular this sport is on an international level. Invented at the Rugby school in nineteenth century England, rugby football was quickly spread to English colonies, many of which now dominate the International Rugby Board (IRB) rankings.

The Rugby World Cup 2011 in New Zealand showcases the top IRB union teams in the world, and many estimates place total ticket sales for the tournament at 100,000 or more. To learn more about the Rugby World Cup or rugby in general, see the photos, articles and links on the IRB website.

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