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Playbook-gate is an issue for the Browns.

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I could care less about the Jets or the Patriots. Some say the two are rivals but they are not. A nail is related to a hammer but they are not rivals. The nail gets pounded at regular intervals just like the Jets.

The media has missed the point of Playbook-gate entirely. Jet coach Rex Ryan is certain that he is the smartest guy in the sport. Most intelligent people realize that is not the case. It takes hubris to pass out playbooks like Halloween candy. And Hubris is Ryan’s middle name. However, Browns fans need to know one thing about Playbook-Gate.

Antonio Cromartie was on the NFL Channel and said something that disturbed me. He said that when Mike Pettine was the DC the Pats could tell what defense the Jets had called by the way the team was aligned prior to the snap. While Cromartie is infamous for spreading things around, if this is true it is a problem.

Browns fans have yet to see the team take the field with the Pettine defense. If Cromartie is mistaken there is no problem. However, teams in the AFC North are well equipped to take advantage of pre-snap reads of a defense. If there are tells the Ravens and Steelers will identify them and continue to dominate the Browns. Only time will tell. But unless Pettine can forge a defense that is unpredictable, the Browns will be doing another coaching search sooner rather than later.

That is what I think. Tell us what you think.

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Mock Draft by Davie in Lakewood

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Image by Monica's Dad via Flickr

  1. Carolina    Cam Newton QB Auburn…. They are forced to select a QB because they lack a second round pick.
  2. Denver       Marcell Dareus DT Alabama… opposite Dummerville helps defense
  3. Buffalo       AJ Green Wr Georgia… They believe Fitzpatrick is there future QB and giving him a top flight wr will help them compete in their division.
  4. Cincinatti  Julio Jones WR Alabama because Chad Johnson has tweeted out his welcome with Marvin Lewis
  5. Arizona    Von Miller   DE/OLB Texas A&M
    6.  Titans  Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri With no free agency Titans are deseperate and id against Minnesota to trade with Browns, surrendering a second round pick to keep Minnesota from grabbing their QB.  I want Peterson here but Heckert will trade down unfortunately.
  6. SF Patrick Peterson CB LSU  Harbaugh runs up card and maybe decides to wait for Andrew Luck in 2012.
  7. Detroit Prince Amurkamara CB  surrenders a second to get a cb they so deseperately need
  8. Dallas Tyron Smith OT, USC  Even Jones wakes up because his line play cost him Romo for the season last year.
  9. Seattle Jake Locker QB  Washington  Seattle trades up with Washington to steal Minnesotas dream pick
  10. Houston Texans Cameron Jordan DE/DT Cal  another blow to the Minnesota Vikings is the roof caving in again on their dreams
  11. Minnesota JJ Watt DE Wisconsin might become their Brian Urlacker to combat their division Bears
  12. Browns Robert Quinn DE NC this is the right spot and the right value to pick Quinn at and minimalize the risk plus capture two second rounders in a Belicheck/Reed nimble movement down the draft board.
  13. St Louis Torrey Smith WR Maryland might be a reach but they need a target for Bradford and he wont be there in the 2nd round.
  14. Miami Dolphins Mark Ingram RB Alabama they have no running backs on their roster and this need is a forced pick
  15. Jacksonville Aldon Smith DE/OLB Value dictates this pick
  16. New England Patriots Da’Quan Bowers DE Clemson  Belicheck will catch the top ten player falling down the board like he did the tight end last year with injury concerns
  17. San Diego Anthony Castanzo OT addresses tackle need
  18. New York Giants Gabe Carimi OT Wisconsin solid pick to keep Eli Manning upright in the pocket
  19. Tampa Bay Ryan Kerrigan DE, Purdue  nice pick at right spot
  20. Kansas City  Nick Fairley DT Auburn  Romeo Crennell love Shaun Rogers why not draft his twin for the empty stationary bike
  21. Indianapolis Nate Solder OT Colorado an aging Manning can’t take many more multiple sack games against opponents or he’ll turn into Papa Manning before our eyes.
  22. Philidephia Derek Sherrod OT  Better get one now before they are all gone.
  23. New Orleans Jimmy Smith CB Colorado
    25  Washington Ryan Mallet QB Arkansas perfect risk for Shanahan who loves the rocket arm
    26 Baltimore Ravens Akeem Ayers DE/OLB pick pockets Belicheck and knows Ray Lewis is prob retiring after next season.
  24. Atlanta Falcons Kyle Rudolph TE Notre Dame with their all pro tight about retire this makes sense.
    28..Cincinatti  Christain Ponder QB Florida State Leap frogs back into first in order to replace Carson Palmer
  25. Chicago Bears Mike Pouncey G Florida   sorry Pittsburgh fans how does it feel to have your dreams of the brothers crushed.
  26. NY Jets Johanathan Baldwin, WR Pitt is Rex Ryan dumping Braylon Edwards for his twin?
  27. Pittsburgh Ben Ijalana OT/G Vilinova  I don’t like this pick so i gave it to the steelers take that this is a Cleveland doing the draft
  28. Green Bay Muhammad Wilkerson DE/DT Temple Need help on the defensive line

What did we learn from the weekend?

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College Football

USC @ Washington I don’t think the Trojans are going to want to play Ohio State again any time soon. Every time they do they lose the next game on the road. Washington is better but USC lost the game Washington didn’t win it.

Florida State @ BYU I was wrong about BYU. Florida State is a young team that hasn’t figured out how to win consistently but is always dangerous because of their speed. They jumped out on BYU and never looked back. That eliminates BYU from the national championship discussion.

Tennessee @ Florida The Vols have one of the great D coordinators in the history of college football—Wayne Kiffin, the father of head coach Lane Kiffin. WK did an outstanding job of keeping the Florida O under control despite a lack of O from Tennessee. It will take LK a while to get the guys he needs for O but the D will keep them in a lot of games.

Texas Tech @ Texas The TTk system is good but it really helps to have a great QB and top WRs. TTk stayed with Texas for awhile but don’t have the depth this year to compete.

# 19 Nebraska @ # 13 Virginia Tech While all the experts picked VT to cover, I thought Nebraska would cover and possibly win. They came very close and should have held on.

#23 Georgia @ Arkansas Georgia is over rated and as predicted came back in the 4th quarter to win. But they are not as good as most thought they were.

The Pros

CL @ DV The Tan’s right tackle is the worst blocker I have ever seen start in the league. I have 2 for Mangini. 1st, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING SIGNING AND STARTING RT ST. Clair? Second, how do you like your rookie C Mack that can neither block nor snap the ball in the shotgun formation? Check out my complete analysis of the 1st through the 3rd quarter on tomorrow. I didn’t watch the 4th quarter because I just couldn’t take any more.

NO @ PH QB Kolb wasn’t quite as bad as he has been before but still threw picks that cost the Eagles any chance of a win. Look for the Eagles to start him again with the same result—another loss.

NE @ NJ Coach Rex Ryan’s D did a job on the Pats. The Pats are not as good on D as they were with Seymour. On O the Pats are not better. Part of the problem is the lack of WR Welker. He is out with a bad knee. But for the first time ever, I saw QB Brady not stepping into a throw when the pressure got around him. That is not like Brady at all. This was the first time he had a lot of pressure since coming back from his injury. He may get over it. If the Pats are going to be champions, he is going to have to ignore the rush.

The Jets are looking good on O and the D has played nothing short of outstanding football. I will have more on this tomorrow.

SD @ BA On Saturday the Charger NT Williams was put on IR. That hurt the D against the run in the game against the Ravens. The two headed monster of Rice and McGahee ran right up the gut against them. The Chargers just can’t score TDs. They kicked field goals regularly from inside the red zone. Unless that changes, the Chargers won’t go far in the playoffs.

CR @ AT Delhomme didn’t look bad but Atlanta is just a better team. The QB had just one turnover.

That’s what I think. Tell me what you think.

Bill Smith is a former coach of several semi-pro teams, has officiated both football and basketball, done color on radio for college football and basketball and has scouted talent. He is a senior writer for and edits https://fryingpansports.com. He has also published several novels on and edits .

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The Jets go all in on Sanchez

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The Jets got a bargain on USC QB Mark Sanchez but if he doesn’t work out, he will be very expensive—he will cost Coach Rex Ryan and the entire organization their jobs. They have pushed all the chips to the middle of the table and bet their future on him.

Nothing can destroy a new coaching staff faster than making a critical mistake by taking a QB that flops with your first ever pick. Just ask the 1999 Browns organization that picked Tim “I’m on the” Couch. A mistake on a 1st round QB will set the franchise back 5 to 6 years. Given the lack of experience in college and the question about Sanchez not being able to beat out Booty and the Jets have in effect doubled down on the bet.

The Jets will give Sanchez every chance in the world to claim the starting position this year. The Jets will never beat the Pats for the division title with Kellen Clemens at the helm. My feeling is that Sanchez is not Matt Ryan (Atl) or even Joe Flacco (Bal). He will be servicable but not ever become the superstar that the Jets hope.

Adding to the risk on the QB, the WR corps will be FL Jerricho Cotchery and anybody that can catch a cold on Broadway in January. The long time starter and under rated Laveranues Coles. Brad Smith started when Coles went down last year and has the inside track to start. David Clowney has the speed but inconsistent hands. Chansi Stuckey is an inside receiver and will play the slot. The TE is Dustin Keller. He is a receiver but not much of a blocker yet.

The running game will be on life support after 09. RB Thomas Jones is unhappy about his contract but is in a contract year and needs to produce to prove his value for his next deal wherever that may be. FB Tony Richardson is outstanding but in his last year or two. If there is a work stoppage in 2010, Tony won’t play again. The Jets believe that Leon Washington is starting quality. I don’t think so. He is a change of pace back but I am not sure he can carry the load in a run first offensive. Shonn Greene was a steal in the 3rd round and could be the guy if Jones fails to produce.

The entire O line is back. The players all have pass and run blocking ability but did not play up to their potential last year in pass blocking. They did help Jones win the AFC rushing title. D’Brickashaw Ferguson is among the top LTs in the league. LG Alan Faneca and RT Damien Woody are more than solid. Nick Mangold is a little inconsistent at C but getting better. The surprise last year was RG Brandon Moore. He is a former FA DT.

Defense is in the blood stream of the Ryans. That is the place that needs the biggest improvement overall. The Jets gave up more points that the Browns did last year. Ryan will be more aggressive than Mangini’s D was last year.

The D line is OK but not great. Kris Jenkins moved from DT in a 4-3 to NT in the 3-4 and stuffed the run. But age and back problems mean that the Jets will have to rest him more this year. Jets sent last year starting DE Coleman to Cleveland because he did not provide the pass rush that Ryan was looking for. Ex-Raven Marques Douglas takes that spot. He played for Ryan there. The other end is up in the air because of the possible suspension of Shaun Ellis. There is very little on the bench so any suspension will be a big problem.

The LB group was hit with a suspension. OB Calvin Pace is out for the first 4 games. Last year’s 1st pick Vernon Gholston will replace him and had better perform. This administration has no loyalty to him and up to now he has been less than expected. OB Bryan Thomas improved over his 07 season and IB Bart Scott played near pro bowl level last year. He still has room for improvement. David Harris starts opposite him inside if he is healthy. There is not much on the bench after Gholston.

CBs Darrelle Revis and Lito Sheppard are the strength of the D backfield. Revis is going to be a star. Both SS Jim Leonhard and FS Kerry Rhodes have to be more productive. The new scheme should help. More pressure will allow more picks. Drew Coleman, CB Dwight Lowery, CB Ahmad Carroll, and CB Donald Strickland all have some experience.

OVERALL: If the Jets were in another division,… Just kidding. The Jets will battle the Bills for 3rd. Neither team is talented enough to beat the Dolphins or Pats consistently. They are a middle of pack team that has the potential to be good if Sanchez works out and the D gets the pressure Ryan wants. If not, they will be OK and around 8-8.

That’s what I think. Tell me what you think.

Bill Smith is a former coach of several semi-pro teams, has officiated both football and basketball, done color on radio for college football and basketball and has scouted talent. He is a senior writer for and edits https://fryingpansports.com. He has also published several novels on and edits .

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