Redskins win vs Fed but it will cost them.


I am not a fan of the Redskin name. But that is not the point.

The Federal Govenment in recent years is being run based on political correctness. What law allows anyone in government to unilaterally declare a copyright that has existed for years null and void? That is the question that the Fed will have to answer in a court of law.

The Redskins will prevail in re-establishing their copyright of name. But the fact that the Fed can force a private company to spend millions of dollars in legal costs is absurd. As soon as the Skins prevail the Fed will likely void the copyright again hoping at some point that owner Daniel Snyder will give up or run out of money and change the team name.

But what should happen is that when the Fed losses the case, it should be forced to pay all legal costs of the victor. The idea that government can violate its own laws is scary.

There is nothing in the Bill of Rights that guarantees freedom against being insulted. Will the Cowboys name be next because it insults the native American community as well? What about the Yankees? That name certainly … Read more at FryingPanSports

Niblets for May 2010


Best comment of the month: A Tale of two NCAA Violations

From justbuster

Good job on listing just a few of the violations at USC. Reading the blogs and comments that USC fans have left on other sites, I hope you’re prepared for the avalanche of infantile and just plain dumb invective that the minions of Troy are about to hit you with. They talk among themselves about ‘losing a few scolies’ and/or ‘minor probation’ but they just don’t seem to get it. They’re four square against ‘punishing the kids of today for the sins of yesterday’. Keep telling it like it is.

Having the political site, I am used to people taking shots at me verbally. So far no shots from a gun. I do my best to let my readers know exactly what I think and really appreciate you and everyone else that has taken the time to leave a comment.

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I am sick to death of fragile egos and political correctness in sports!

We have seen in the last few years an infection of political correctness in sports that has to go.

To the NFL—No Fun League, we need to realize that sports is entertainment. There is nothing wrong with a touchdown celebration. While some are just stupid, most are creative and add to the game. There is nothing wrong with the fun bunch in Washington celebrating a score together. Even the Chad formerly known as Johnson has shown creativity in celebrating touchdowns.

The argument is that celebrations insult the team that was scored upon. I remind those that hold that position that the NFL is BIG BOY FOOTBALL. These guys are making millions of dollars playing a game. If their tender little egos are that badly damaged, they can afford to go to counseling. And for those that would need to find themselves in a sport that allows celebrations, give them a map!

In the same vain, it is time that bad refereeing be pulled out from under the rug of total protection from the league. Errors are made and should be acknowledged. Every time a coach is fined for telling the truth about a bad call, the league loses creditability … Read more at FryingPanSports

Saturday's nibblets around the net for 02/15/09.

Fryingpan Sports

Saturday’s nibblets around the net.

By Bill Smith


Ted Payne posted this:

Well let’s be honest – guys like him are SCARED. They are legitimately scared of bloggers.

I mean each team can have a hometown blogger, bloggers that are dedicated to one team even. How can traditional journalists compete with that? Bloggers might not have the access of these top ESPN guys, but they can watch one team day in and day out, Albom can NOT do that.

Sports reporters are scared that one day, they won’t have a job, because people will turn to their local bloggers.

Ted, you are exactly right. The new media including the Internet bloggers scare them to death. Thanks for the support and I hope you become a regular reader. We will try to post the best comment each week.

Political Correctness run a muck.

Our old pinhead friends at the NCAA rules committee are thinking about making the touchdown celebration a “live ball” penalty rather than a “dead ball” foul. The difference is that a live ball foul is stepped off from the previous spot and takes the score off the board! I don’t have … Read more at FryingPanSports