Browns Jaguars Live Game notes.



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The first pass to TE Harbor was actually incomplete.  BAD CALL.  The receiver MUST maintain control of the ball to the ground.  He did not.

Jones-Drewdoes not look anything like he did before the injury to his foot.

Nice hit by Skrine right on time with the arrival of the ball on Jones-Drew

Punt returns were only one thing I liked about Poyer.  He has starting CB skills but is raw.  Great return!

Nice throw under pressure by Weeden.  Great adjustment by Gordon.  Schwartz let the DE in to hit Weeden as he threw.

McGahee for the TD.  47 yard drive on 3 plays

CL 7 JK 0


No contain allows the end around to get the 1st

8 guys in the box so Henne throws for 8

Todman for the 1st and no … Read more at FryingPanSports

Browns Redskins live game notes

Browns Redskins live game notes

3 and out for the Skins is a good start for the D.

TRich showed his vision on the 14 yard run.

Weeden missed the wide open Gordon.  You can not do that

3rd and long again stops a drive.  The team has WAY too many of those.  Part of the issue is lack of getting yardage running because they don’t get to the 2nd level to open holes.


Haden breaks up the 1st down pass

Skins have a blocking issue as well.  They didn’t block the back side and were trapped by Taylor.

Rookie QB mistake caused the pick.  Can’t throw into double coverage.  Tipped by Brown and picked by Ward.

One play drive for the TD.  Great push by TRich for the TD.

=CL 7 WA 0 8:41 1st

Cousins is not even looking down field.  He is just throwing to the checkdown guy.

Great coverage and good pass rush and Sheard gets the sack.

1st down penalty not good.

Good job by Weeden to get the pass off accurately with a guy hanging on him.

Again a short pass on 3rd and … Read more at FryingPanSports

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Notes on Week 3 Preseason games


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The Bengals have been unable to score TDs. The 1st O has scored just 2 TDs in 10 possessions coming into the game. The team struggled in the red zone in the first 2 games. What they needed was a game against the Bills. 2 1st team possessions resulted in 2 TDs. When the 1st team O left the game, they led 14-7. QB Palmer needs to play a little better than he did late in the 09 season. The biggest single addition to the team last year was RB Benson. After being a bust with the Bears, he showed he could be the guy in an NFL offense. He has to be the guy because there is no significant experience behind him. The O addition this year is WR Owens. The passing game suffered last year due to the lack of threat opposite Ochocinco. They signed WR Bryant but cut him. Rookie TE Gresham should also be a major help. He is a good late round pick in Fantasy football.

If the Bengals are depending on Smith to … Read more at FryingPanSports

Fantasy Football Sleepers, handcuffs and avoids in the NFC


NOTE: This list is the NFC only. The list of AFC players is below.



Matthew Stafford – The Lions are going to be behind a lot and Stafford will throw a lot. He has Johnson and that should help him produce more than a 18th ranking would project.

Matt Hasselbeck Seahawks – Yes, he is old and the O line is a little shaky but Matt should have a good year. Check out the handcuffs on this one because you will need some insurance.

Matt Moore Panthers – Moore is better than you think and the D may struggle. That means a lot of opportunities to throw to Smith et. al.


Brandon Jacobs Giants – He is a starter for a playoff team but is ranked 29th RB by NFL. At that point he is a great value but handcuff him. The O line is better and so should the passing game.

Clinton Portis Redskins – He is rated 32nd at RB and should have a better season than most if he can stay healthy. The passing game is better and the system suits him.

Pierre Thomas Saints – This team will be ahead a lot and … Read more at FryingPanSports

Questions in the NFC East and North training camps


Note: We will look at all the divisions of the NFL with this same point of view over the next few issues of

NFC East


  1. Will the new LT be able to protect the blind side of QB Romo? The team cut previous starter Flozell Adams and will try Doug Free and Alex Barron at that critical position. Neither has proven he can be an effective RT let alone face the talented REs around the league.
  2. Will the ground game get back to a high level in the running back by committee system? Last year there was too much Jones and not enough Barber. The line was inconsistent and the running game suffered. Beware of taking either of these guys high in your Fantasy Draft.
  3. Will former 1st round pick Roy Williams ever be worth what Jerry Jones paid for him in the trade? NO and rookie Dez Bryant will have his spot before week 3 unless the injury takes him our for longer than we think.


  1. Will the D line return to the top of the NFL or repeat a disappointing 2009? Going into last season, the DL was supposed to be a strength. It
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