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The lower round rookies are beginning to sign. The deals are too scattered to give you a good analysis but look for the top picks to have some extended holdouts. The league ownership is in a penny pinching mood. The best indication of that is the fact that none of the usual sources have the financial data on the rookie deals. Given the concern over what the next CBA might look like and the economy still being in the tank, owners won’t quickly let the agents talk them into big increases over last year.

The RFAs are also signing. Today, the teams have the option of lowering any unsigned RFA to 110 percent of the salary the player made last year. In most cases the teams will do this for those players that they consider reserves or not critical to their long term plans.


The Celtics lead in the finals now 3-2. It is hard to get a handle on this series because each team looks unbeatable in one game but then lays an egg in the next one. While some of the differences in the games is due to injuries and foul trouble. But that can not … Read more at FryingPanSports

Lord, please take good care of our friend Harry Kalas

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Lord, please take good care of our friend Harry Kalas


By Bill Smith

Harold Norbert “Harry” Kalas was the Voice. His was a voice that sports announcers would have sold their soul to have. As famous as he was for both his baseball work and his voice overs on NFL films, he was gracious to everyone he met.

I had the distinct honor of meeting him at O’Hare in the early 80’s. Despite waiting to pick up his bags and having things to do, he stopped and talked to an ordinary fan about sports. When I told him how much I enjoyed his work, he seemed almost embarrassed and made a joke about developing his technique and his one of a kind home run call. It surprised me since I was sure he had received thousands of complements from those far more expert than me. We talked about the difference between doing TV and radio. Having done some radio color myself, I told him how easy he made play by play seem. His chuckle warmed up the room.

That was the only time I ever had a chance to meet him but even that brief contact sticks in … Read more at FryingPanSports