Browns/Vikings live game notes.



Good job by Rubin getting Peterson.

Robertson did a nice job tracking TE.

Peterson was one missed tackle away from a 70 yard TD.

Nobody even in the same area code of Jennings.  Where is the D?

Wright WIDE open too.  Anyone playing D?

Skrine had to jet back to get to the receiver.  Bad read by him.

9 yard run by Peterson.  GRAB GRAB GRAB

Gibson misses the tackle of Peterson.  1st & goal at the 2.


MN 7 CL 0

Rainey with a one yard run and Hoyer is 0-2.  Great start to the “New, new Browns.”


Good coverage by Skrine on Peterson.

Kruger gets by the block and gets the tackle of Peterson.

Haden missed the tackle but others fill in to force the 3 and out.

Bess has the first and gave it back trying to extend the run.

Ogbonnaya gets a third of a yard on his first two rushes.

Hoyer throws the ball into the ground.  Looked bad.

Great effort by Cameron to reach for the first down.   The O line did OK.

Hoyer finds a wide open Gordon.  Gordon got open on a stop and go that … Read more at FryingPanSports

What to look for in the Sunday Divisional round games.


Cowboys @ Vikings


Prior to this season the Boys folded in December. When JJ issued his threat to blow up the team and the coaching staff this season unless the Boys got into the playoffs and did well, the team got the message. This team has played a lot better than they did in previous seasons but I am not on the Boy bandwagon yet.

The O has been solid but the last two games were played against an Eagle D that seemed to give up after being in a position to win the NFC East. In the upset win over the Saints, QB Romo had a QB rating of 104. In the two games against the Eagles he had ratings of 86.1 and 106. That is a great improvement over last year when he finished the year with ratings of 44.9, 66.2 and 55.8 in the 3 losses. The improved Romo is the key to difference in this years team. The Boys will need as much passing as he can generate because they will not be able to get much on the ground against the Vikes.

RB Jones ran for 148 yards but that is misleading. Take out Read more at FryingPanSports

Former Chiefs executive Carl Peterson is named chairman of USA Football.

t .

Peterson brings years of NFL front office experience to an organization that is struggling to find its role in football. Under the able leadership of ex Bill QB and Congressman Jack Kemp, USA Football has expanded the youth football program, developed official training, and obtained funding from both the NFL owners and NFLPA to fund the program.

The challenge to Peterson is to define how the program moves on from here. The obvious choice is high school football.

Even before the nation’s economy went into the dumper, many school systems especially those in the inner cities were struggling to fund and operate football programs. Sports is a way to introduce values to young children that include working together, personal responsibility for their actions, working for a group goal, and the necessity of preparation for obtaining success. Public education has failed our children in so many ways that it can ill afford the loss of sports.

A second area of possible contribution is semi-pro football. The elimination of the NFL Europe has removed a major training ground for coaches, refs and players. Semi-pro football is a way that players can get better and get noticed. In my coaching career at … Read more at FryingPanSports