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Where is the scout?

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This is the question that many parents and young aspiring baseball players ask during spring season as they get ready to go to the ballpark with dreams of having multi-million dollar bonuses in their heads. What many of them fail to realize is that the interest of these scouts is not merely a game of waiting, not is it something to be ignored. The jocks who throw great pitching during their high school practices can just sit around in their basements and play video games and still the scouts may find them. As for a lot of people, you need to go after them and practice hard. This is where the trout for Major League Baseball will come in.

Tryout is a word that often proves to be misleading because it implies the fact that the scouts choose specific players that they want, sign them, and then put them into the system of the minor league. However, from the standpoint of MLB Games tryouts, these are just opportunities for them to check out the young players who will be joining the selection for the player drafts. Most organizations make use of tryouts in the hopes that they can find some kids that would be worth adding to their roster of players. They will them check them out in the months that will lead up to the subsequent and next drafts that would be conducted.

Those who have qualified for the first year draft for players will include all the high school graduates chosen who have not yet been to college, college players who have already finished their junior year, all of the junior college athletes, and all other players that will turn 21 years old within 45 days from the date of the scheduled draft. Seniors who are in their fifth year will not be subject to the draft and they are free to sign in whatever organization that they want after they have completed their final college classes. Many of the Major League Baseball camps for tryouts are open for players with ages of 16 to 23.

In some cases, a player will be sign

ed out of a certain tryout, but this does not really happen often. But if you sign with a certain MLB organization in a Major League Baseball tryout, it only happens in one of these two situations:

  • The player has already attracted the interest of people from the organization ahead of time, but he sustained an injury, then he shows up to a tryout for Major League Baseball and proves that he can play 100%.
  • The Major League Baseball organization is very keen on the area on low minors like pitching with the left hand and a player arrives with an exceptional talent that will fill up the specific void.

New Years Resolutions Certain Sports people SHOULD be making.

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LeBron James
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Indians GM Chris Antonetti – “I will not overpay a baseball has been. I will not overpay a baseball has been. I will not overpay a baseball has been.”

Indians Owner Paul Dolan – “The next time I have 2 potential Cy Young candidates to trade, I will get more than a couple of ‘never wases’ and a bag of practice balls.”

Browns HC Mangini – “I will find the best real estate agent in Cleveland. And I will begin looking today!”

Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts – “I will never buy another baseball team as long as I live.”

Cam Newton’s father Cecil – “Next time I try to shake down a college for money to let my son play, I’ll require a non-disclosure notice be signed first.”

NCAA Chief Rules Enforcer Julie Roe Lach – “Consistency? Consistency? We don’t need no stinkin’ consistency!”

NFL Investigator Favre Case – “I will not ask Favre for an autograph at the interview. I will not ask Favre for an autograph at the interview.”

Broncos Owner Pat Bowlen – “Before hiring a Head Coach, I will remember to ask the applicant for a resume and I will read it prior to issuing an job offer.”

Dallas Cowboy Owner Jerry Jones – “I will not rest until I find a high profile head coach that will accept the job and not object to my meddling in daily operations of the team.”

Colts Head Coach Jim Caldwell – “Next time we go 14-0, I won’t play only backups for the final 2 games.”

LeBron James – “Next time before I sign with a team I will consult the Oracle of Delphi and a marketing consultant as well. I will not go on ESPN and take an hour to announce my decision.”

Tiger Woods – “Next time before I get married I will consult the Oracle of Delphi, a lawyer to write a prenuptial agreement and a driving instructor as well.”

Mark Parker CEO Nike – “Next time before I sign a huge contract with an athlete I will consult the Oracle of Delphi, a marketing consultant, and a physiologist as well.”

Redskin DT Albert Haynesworth – “Next time before I sign a huge contract with a team, I will make sure they play a 4-3 and that will be in the contract.”

Redskin QB Donovan McNabb – “Next time before I sign a contract extension with a team I will make sure that I’m not in the middle of a spitting contest between the coach and owner.”

Redskins Owner Daniel M. Snyder – “Next time before I sign a huge contract with an athlete and a new coach, I will make sure that both will play well with others.”

If you have any more please add them to the comments section.

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