NFL Week 9 Preview from NNR radio show.

CLTraded for OLB Jamie Collins for 3rd round comp pick or 4th round pick in 17 draft from NE
bfWR Percy Harvin unretired & signed with BF. 1m for rest of 16
bfPlaced S Aaron Williams on IR
DTDE Armonty Bryant suspended 3 games violation of NFL substance policy
NJClaimed RB Knile Davis off waivers from GB
TBTraded cb Johnthan Banks to DT for 7th pick 2018
KCClaimed RB Bishop Sankey off NE practice squad
WALT Trent Williams suspended for 4 games for violations of substance policy
MNOC Turner resigned.   Will be replaced by Pat Shurmur.
AT43 TB28TB D is better but could not stop Ryan to Jones.
6-3  3-5TB O was limited because O line could not protect Winston.
TB scored 14 in the 4th in garbage time.
AT Ryan 25/34 344 40 Freeman 17/77 Jones 8c 111 TD
TB Winston 23/37 261 30 Barber 11/31 Evans 11c 150 2TDs
PT BA-3BA O has been totally out of sync. No run game & Flacco’s  mechanics are affected by his injury.
4-3  3-4Roethlisberger is back practicing.. If he can play will help because Jones is horrible.
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I was right about Holmgren being a mistake.



In an editorial on Dec. 20, 2009 I reviewed the record of Mike Holmgren as GM of the Seahawks and ended by saying that he was not the right guy to lead the Browns back to competitiveness.  Now a respected former Brown, Reggie Rucker, said on 92.3 the Fan that Holmgren stole money from then owner Randy Learner.  Rucker said that Holmgren was “the last in and first out” of the building on the few days he made an appearance.


Let me make one thing clear.  In my opinion the fact that the team is better now than it was when Eric Mangini was running things is due to two factors.  First, it would be almost impossible to screw a team up any more than Mangenious did.  Trading the 5th overall pick to New York for a few used Jets was unforgivable.  Second, GM Tom Heckert made some good choices.  While I did not agree with the choice of Weeden, most of the rest of Heckert’s picks were fine.  Think about where the Browns would be if they had followed my advice and selected Russell Wilson as QB in the 3rd round of the 2012 draft.… Read more at FryingPanSports

Thoughts about Black Monday in the NFL

Thoughts about Black Monday in the NFL


Browns:  The one gift I had to wait for was the firing of HC Pat Shurmur.  I am not a fan of former Bronco HC McDaniel but he would be better than Shurmur.  Of the coaches expected to be released my choice for the Browns would be Ken Whisenhunt.  He is a D guy but a good coach that made the best of the bad personnel decisions made by a poor GM.  My second choice would be Lovie Smith if he is let go.  Both have been to a Super Bowl and would run a tight ship without being a dictator.


I have mixed feelings about GM Tom Heckert being fired.  While he has by far done the best job of any GM the team has had since 1999 that is not a very high standard.


Cowboys:  They are out of the playoffs thanks to QB “Captain Collapse” (I want a copyright on that phrase) Tony Romo.  It will not cost his HC a job but this team has underperformed for years.  Maybe Jerry should think about firing his GM—himself.


Cardinals:  Ken Whisenhunt deserved better than he is going to … Read more at FryingPanSports

Live Game Notes From Browns/Chiefs


Live game notes from Browns/Chiefs

Great start by allowing the Chief to run 80 yards for a TD on the first play.


-KC 7 CL 0


Thomas watched the DE beat Watson and sack Weeden.


After a first down the O folds like a paper airplane and punts




Great throw to Bowe set the Chiefs up for a score but the FG was no good.  Haden and Bowe were so cute holding hands all the way down the field.



As usual the team drives the ball to a 1st and goal at the 2 and can’t score 7.  The coach seems to like the fade pass for the score but we have yet to make it work.  How about calling something that does work?


=KC 7 CL 3


The off side gives the team a 1st down.


Haden should have been called for holding on the pass to the sideline.


The Browns returned the punt for a TD.  However, there were at least 2 holds during the return that were not called.  It is about time the team gets a break.  With our luck … Read more at FryingPanSports

Mike Holmgren’s legacy has been hurt by his job in Cleveland

Mike Holmgren’s Legacy

When he went to Seattle he insisted on being both the GM and head coach.  In 2002 he was relieved of those powers.

On Dec. 20, 2009 prior to Mike Holmgren being named team president, I wrote an article entitled Is Holmgren the answer to the Browns problems?  I started the article this way:

Discussions of the Cleveland football guru position have reminded me of the movie “Joe and the Volcano.” The boss of a very young Tom Hanks is on the phone discussing a potential hire.

“I know he can get the job, but can he do the job?” I have exactly the same question about Mike Holmgren as the “football guru” of the Browns or any other team for that matter.

I went on to outline the draft picks that GM Holmgren made and how in 2002 he was relieved of his GM duties.  While there were indications that Holmgren might be able to do the GM job for the Seahawks, there were more reasons to relieve him of those duties.

His legacy in Cleveland will be based on the decisions he has made here as well as the results or lack of results that … Read more at FryingPanSports