Editorial: The media coverage of Tiger Woods' apology is hurting him not helping.

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I have up to now written just once about the Woods’ issue. That was concerning his asking to be left alone about the issue of his infidelity. I don’t care about that because frankly I don’t think it is any of my business. Whatever happened is between Woods, his clients, his family and the women involved. Frankly I don’t care and have zero interest in any of it.

Woods is a public figure both because he is a professional athlete and because he is a spokesman for a number of public and private companies. He must accept the public scrutiny because he has received millions of dollars for hawking products. There is no question that he and his handlers had carefully crafted an image that was too perfect for any reasonable human to believe. That image was also damaged badly perhaps irreparably by what he did.

The media has made it worse by a factor of 100 by giving his statement coverage on every network then dissecting each syllable of his statement for hours on end. For those that had no opinion about Woods good or bad, this drum beat gives us a headache that Tylenol 45 could not possibly cure. That coverage will end up hurting him far more than the actions themselves including the bizarre events of Thanksgiving morning. His clients clearly insisted that he make the public apology. However, they should have known what affect the medial frenzy would have on him. He was smart not to answer questions because they would have involved the most lurid aspects of his sexual encounters.

P.T. Barnum once said that no one ever went broke under estimating the intelligence of the American public. I am not sure if that is true. Based on some of the people we elect to public office, I tend to believe it. I am sure however, that Tiger will live to regret the statement almost as much as he regrets his actions.

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