Kelsey Mitchell’s All-Star Triumph: A Night to Remember

Kelsey Mitchell

The Prelude: Scarlet and Gray Legacy

Once upon a summer evening, the basketball world held its breath as the WNBA All-Stars clashed with Team USA. Among the stars, a familiar name emerged: Kelsey Mitchell, the former Ohio State guard with a penchant for making magic happen on the court.

Kelsey Mitchell
Kelsey Mitchell

The Duel: Ohio Kid vs. Olympic-Bound Titans

If you bleed scarlet and gray for Ohio State women’s basketball (you know who you are!), you already know Kelsey’s deal. Back in the day, she was the second-highest scorer in NCAA history, right behind this legend named Kelsey Plum. Everyone thought she might even beat Plum’s record, which would’ve been epic!

But forget records and trophies for now. This night was all about ball. The All-Stars were going head-to-head with Team USA, the team about to crush the Olympics. Kelsey? She had a point to prove. She walked onto the court, rocking her Ohio State jersey, and you could practically see the determination radiating off her.

The Crescendo: Lightning-Quick Moves and Swishing Nets

The clock ticked, and Kelsey made every second count. In just 14 minutes of play, she unleashed her lightning-quick moves. The ball flew out of her … Read more at FryingPanSports

Dorian Jones Chooses the Buckeyes: A Homegrown Talent Stays Put

Dorian Jones

Big news for the Buckeyes! Straight outta Cleveland, basketball star Dorian Jones (dude’s 6’4″ and built!) just announced he’s playing for Ohio State next year. This is a huge win for Coach Diebler – the Buckeyes snagged him over Michigan, Rutgers, and Missouri! Buckeye fans are going nuts about this one!

Dorian Jones
Dorian Jones

A Local Star Stays Home

When Diebler took over the Ohio State men’s basketball program, he had one mission: keep the best Ohio talent in-state. With Jones’ commitment, part of that mission is accomplished. Jones is a big-time recruit! Ranked as the No. 72 player nationally and No. 12 shooting guard by 247Sports, his scoring skills caught the Buckeyes’ eye early. They brought him in for a visit in mid-May and clearly impressed him.

Following in Marcus Johnson’s Footsteps

Jones isn’t the first Cleveland native to choose Ohio State. He follows in the footsteps of fellow Cleveland product Marcus Johnson, who committed to Diebler’s 2026 class. Having two homegrown talents in consecutive classes is a testament to Diebler’s commitment to building from within the state.

The Future for Ohio State Basketball

With Jones joining the team, things are looking good for the Buckeyes’ future! He’s … Read more at FryingPanSports

Sean Stewart Commits to Ohio State: A Boost for the Buckeyes’ Frontcourt

Sean Stewart at Duke

Big news for Buckeye Nation! Former Duke forward Sean Stewart just committed to Ohio State for the upcoming 2024-2025 season. Fans are already hyped as this 6’9″ sophomore is a key addition to the Buckeyes’ frontcourt. He is in great need after 5 losses in the transfer portal this year.

Sean Stewart at Duke
Sean Stewart at Duke

The Decision

A top recruit in 2023, Stewart chose the Buckeyes over Georgetown and Cincinnati. Apparently, he really clicked with Ohio State head coach Jake Diebler, who tried to recruit him out of high school years ago. Diebler must have had a great plan for Stewart, because that, combined with the chance to play a bigger role on the Buckeyes’ team, totally sealed the deal for Stewart.

Stewart’s Duke Journey

Stewart’s freshman year at Duke was spent backing up some baller seniors, Kyle Filipowski and Mark Mitchell. Even with limited playing time, he showed flashes of his talent, averaging over 2 points, 3 rebounds, and even half a steal and block per game. Plus, he shot a super impressive 57% from the field!

In two performances, he scored 16 points against La Salle and 12 points against NC State. Great leaping ability allowed him to … Read more at FryingPanSports

Buckeye Nation, Get Ready: Chance Gray is Coming Home

Chance Gray

Buckle up, Buckeye Nation! Get ready for some serious excitement because Chance Gray is making her way back home, and she’s about to shake things up big time for Ohio State basketball.

Chance Gray

From Cincinnati to the Big Stage

Let’s rewind a bit and dive into Gray’s journey. She was a native of Cincinnati and was practically in the courts at Winton Woods. When she picked up the Ohio Gatorade Player of the Year title and earned that famous McDonald’s All-American honor, she was the real deal. I mean, her stats in high school. Ridiculous. A cool average of 26.7 points per game in her senior year – now that’s how you leave a mark.

A Duck Becomes a Buckeye

After a stint with the Oregon Ducks, where she averaged an impressive 13.9 points per game and led the team in assists per contest, Gray is ready for the new chapter to be a bittersweet farewell to the Pacific Northwest, but to resist the lure of playing for her home state was too hard.

The Impact on Ohio State

What does this mean for Ohio State? Well, it’s a slam dunk. Gray’s arrival fills the void left by … Read more at FryingPanSports

Jake Diebler: The Right Choice for Ohio State Basketball

Jake Diebler

Ohio State just picked their new men’s basketball head coach, and fans seem pumped about it. The new guy? Jake Diebler. Big deal? You bet! Here’s why Diebler is the perfect fit for the Buckeyes.

Jake Diebler
  1. Proven Track Record
    First off, the dude can coach. When they made him interim coach for a bit, he totally turned things around, leading the team to a bunch of wins. That showed everyone he knows what he’s doing and can bring long-term success.
  2. Ohio Roots
    Plus, Diebler practically bleeds Ohio red. He grew up there, his dad coached high school ball there forever, and he himself was a high school baller. He gets Ohio basketball, and that connection with the community is huge.
  3. Ohio State Loyalty
    Diebler’s been an assistant coach at Ohio State for years, so his loyalty is off the charts. He clearly loves the Buckeyes and wants to see them win. That kind of passion is contagious.
  4. Recruiting Skills
    On top of that, Diebler has a knack for finding amazing players. Remember Darius Garland, who’s ballin’ for the Cavs now? Diebler helped recruit him! He’s got a great eye for talent that you need to build a winning team.
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Buckeyes Secure Local Talent: Colin White Joins Ohio State Basketball’s 2024 Lineup

Ladies and gentlemen, gather around as I take you on a journey deep into the heart of Ohio, where ambitions collide with the rhythmic beat of bouncing basketballs, and where a prodigious talent is poised to carve his name into the annals of Ohio State’s illustrious basketball tradition. Colin White, hailing from the small town of Ottawa-Glandorf, isn’t just your average player; he stands tall at an imposing 6 feet 6 inches, and he’s on the cusp of embarking on a phenomenal odyssey that has captivated the attention of Buckeye nation and beyond.

Picture this: it was a brisk evening in Columbus, the air tinged with anticipation as I stood court-side, bearing witness to Colin White’s extraordinary prowess. The energy in the arena was electric, and the fans buzzed with excitement as they waited to see the baller whose talent had led to a scholarship. As the game progressed, White’s agility and energy clearly painted a picture of his immense power and left an indelible mark on the field and in the hearts of all those lucky enough to be there.

Don’t be fooled by the three-star label on 247Sports; it’s more than just a numerical assignment. It’s … Read more at FryingPanSports