Great win but Browns have a lot of work to do.


Clearly the Browns played a great game to get the win against the Saints. This was the first home opening win in a long time. The final drive by Brian Hoyer reminded me of the Cardiac Kids era. Hoyer drove the Browns from the 4 to a winning field goal. In the recent past the gaggle of quarterbacks the Browns have started would have thrown a pick or taken a bad sack to end the game.

Hoyer was outstanding. He was 24 of 40 for 204 yards and 1 TD with no picks. There were more than a few drops as well. But Hoyer hung in and showed he has outstanding vision to see the field. But a QB can not do that without some good catches on the other end. The much maligned WR group did well overall. There were some critical drops but the band of no-names came through when it counted. Miles Austin made 3 critical catches in the final drive. TE Gary Barnage was solid both blocking and catching. He had a key catch on the final drive on a 4th down that kept the Browns hopes alive.

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Browns/Vikings live game notes.



Good job by Rubin getting Peterson.

Robertson did a nice job tracking TE.

Peterson was one missed tackle away from a 70 yard TD.

Nobody even in the same area code of Jennings.  Where is the D?

Wright WIDE open too.  Anyone playing D?

Skrine had to jet back to get to the receiver.  Bad read by him.

9 yard run by Peterson.  GRAB GRAB GRAB

Gibson misses the tackle of Peterson.  1st & goal at the 2.


MN 7 CL 0

Rainey with a one yard run and Hoyer is 0-2.  Great start to the “New, new Browns.”


Good coverage by Skrine on Peterson.

Kruger gets by the block and gets the tackle of Peterson.

Haden missed the tackle but others fill in to force the 3 and out.

Bess has the first and gave it back trying to extend the run.

Ogbonnaya gets a third of a yard on his first two rushes.

Hoyer throws the ball into the ground.  Looked bad.

Great effort by Cameron to reach for the first down.   The O line did OK.

Hoyer finds a wide open Gordon.  Gordon got open on a stop and go that … Read more at FryingPanSports

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