5 Biggest Stories/questions going into Browns training camp.


NOTE: Today on NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports and I discussed the news of the day and projected what the 2015 NFL season could be if the Browns had drafted Teddy Bridgewater rather than Johnny Manziel.

5 QB turned WR Terrell Pryor

Without question Pryor is best served by changing positions. He can become an outstanding WR/RB due to his quickness and overall speed. The only question is does he have good enough hands to catch the ball and can he hold onto it after a big hit. I have questions about that but it will be something to watch.

4 Will CB Justin Gilbert ever be an effective starter?

I doubt Gilbert will ever justify his top 10 1st round selection. If a CB can’t tackle in college, he will never be able to do that in the NFL. If both Gilbert and JFB end up busts, it should cost GM Ray Farmer his job.

3 Will QB Johnny Manziel ever develop into a decent backup?

I said in my 2014 pre-draft QB analysis that I wouldn’t touch Manziel with a 40 foot poll with a 10 foot extension. I had Teddy Bridgewater as my top … Read more at FryingPanSports

Johnny Manziel should watch LeBron James to see how to be a pro.

Manziel Drft

Tonight we will discuss the return of LeBron James and all the ramifications of that move with David Kay of walterfootball.com and the latest Browns news 6PM EDT on News, Notes & Rumors on or https://fryingpansports.com/radio-show/.

One of the most promising things that has happened recently in Cleveland sports is the return of LeBron James to the Cavs. Despite being the best basketball player in the world, we never see LeBron making a fool of himself in his off time. Even at 18, he handled himself in a professional manner. However that is not the case for Johnny Manziel.

Manziel looks up to LeBron and should follow his example in both selecting friends and enjoying his down time. They are clearly friends. We can hope that some of LeBron’s professionalism rubs off on Manziel. Somehow I doubt that will happen.

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Monday on NNR Doug Upstone and a replay of the Kelly Holcomb interview.


Monday on the Radio version of NNR Doug Upstone of Statfox.com joins me at 6:15 to talk about the odds for the NBA and NHL Playoffs as well as the chances of the Indians and Browns in 2011.

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