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Amazing List of Nike Products

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Pete Sampras

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Not many American based companies can honestly compare their successes and hold merit with Nike, Inc. Founded in the 1970’s by Phil Knight, this Pacific Northwest company has sold anything and everything that is related to sports. If there is some minute connection to sports, Nike will find a way to slap their emblematic logo on it and sale a bunch of it. I am going to attempt to give a very brief rundown of many of the products that Nike makes available to their consumers.

Let’s start with their running shoes. These have been the bell cow of their company for the entirety of the Nike life span. They’ve seen high tops and Air Jordans come and go. Today, the Nike Shox brand is one of their best sellers. These shoes were designed for just runners originally, but have since branched to most of the other major sports. They are durable and lightweight making them an ideal fit for experienced runners. You can buy Nike Shox online or find them in pretty much an sporting goods store.

Nike t shirts have also always been a very popular item. Their popularity really has soared in the last decade or so when athletes like Tiger Woods and Pete Sampras began sporting their apparel during competition. For the quality and durability of their tees and polos, the price tag of under $30 is very reasonable.

Nike sells backpacks, golf clubs, tennis rackets, and basketballs. They sell socks and even underwear. It has to be their internationally known logo that has helped give their products a serious level of cool and helped them sale like hot cakes. You can purchase all of these Nike goods mentioned and more at their website. For even better prices, check out sites such as Amazon and Overstock for great deals and discounts.

Great Sports Commercials For Inspiration And Motivation

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Lance Armstrong finishing 3rd in Sète, taking ...

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Advertisements and Commercials have been used for decades to inspire people; the best ones put a lump in our throat or bring a tear to our eye, but they all have one goal – to sell the advertised product. Some companies take a little bit more time and spend a little bit more money than others to achieve something that is great and sports companies have a knack at getting it right. Here we take a look at a few of the most inspirational sports commercials.

Adidas – ‘miCoach Says’

This commercial is the perfect mix of motivation and product placement. Predominantly for the UK and featuring a whole host of UK athletes such as Jessica Ennis, Jonny Wilkinson, Andy Murray and Victoria Pendleton, the music and film combine so well I get itchy feet watching it.

Nike – Lance Armstrong ‘What Are You On?’

There’s no denying that Lance Armstrong’s story is incredible and inspiring, the guy has had to put up with a lot of accusation regarding doping over the years, but there is no denying his ability and athletic capacity. Here he addresses his critics head on in this Nike commercial.

Adidas – Impossible Is Nothing ‘Long Run’

Adidas are a fan of combining old footage with new footage and in this commercial they do just that by having some of their greatest sports men and women run with a young Muhammad Ali. For me the most important person in this video is Haile Gebrselassie, the greatest distance runner the world has ever seen


Nike – Michael Jordan ‘Failure’

Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time and has to be one of the most successful athletes in history. He’s also one of the most effectively marketed athletes of his generation. In this commercial he sums up his sporting failures in 30 seconds. To win you first have to learn how to fail, something Michael Jordan knows all about.

Nike – ‘A Little Less Hurt’

This commercial for me is one of the greatest ever made. It covers a wide range of athletes either at low point, struggling or having to work really hard to be the best in their field. The accompanying Johnny Cash track sets it off nicely.

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The Pros And Cons Of Barefoot Running

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A woman wears Vibram "Five Fingers" ...
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Barefoot running seems to be going through a bit of a renaissance at the moment. There is so much information on the internet about it and books like ‘Born To Run’ by Christopher McDougall have helped to popularize the form of running throughout the western world. You can buy special protective shoes like the Vibram Five Fingers to protect you feet but still give you that barefoot experience. Even Nike has jumped on the bandwagon with their running shoe the Nike Free which claims to simulate barefoot running while running in a shoe. You’ve got to give the guys at Nike credit for that one; they’ve managed to sell a shoe that gives you benefits of running barefoot. Anyone else thinking of selling ice to Eskimos?

I’m not a barefoot running convert, so don’t think I’m going to spend the next 500 words rambling on about how great barefoot running is. Instead, I aim to discuss the benefits and draw backs of barefoot running. It’s a subject I’ve been thinking about quite a bit recently as one of my friends has just started to work barefoot runs in to her workout and she won’t shut about how great it is. For those of you who are interested, read on. For those of you who are not, bail out now.

To start with I do believe that we, as humans, have evolved to run barefoot. I think that’s just logical. We weren’t even running in cushioned running shoes until Nike brought out the Nike Cortez in 1972, before then we all ran in thin soled plimsolls. There’s no doubt the Nike Cortez has gone on to become a bit of a classic but they certainly are not considered a running shoe anymore. One of the world’s leading physical therapists, Dr. Gerald Hartman, believes that running shoes have the same effect as putting your foot in a plaster cast and that muscles will suffer 40% to 60% atrophy within 6 weeks.

So going with what Dr. Hartman says, running barefoot will strengthen your feet. As a result your arches will arch up further and you will have better elasticity in the muscles and tendons of the foot. Other advocates of barefoot running cite that running without shoes forces you to adopt a forefoot strike which research has shown to be a more efficient foot strike. Running with a heel strike is akin to putting the brakes on, you are placing resistance on your forward momentum, the most efficient runners land on the mid or forefoot and keep their technique smooth and flowing, much like a barefoot runner.

Of course there are many people who would not advise you to run barefoot. If you visit a podiatrist regularly you probably know that barefoot running is not one of their recommended cures for foot pain. Instead the orthotics option is still the go to solutions for treating pain in the foot. There’s also compelling evidence that running shoes provide a certain amount of protection from the elements and hazards on the road such as glass, rocks and thorns. To add to this the bottom of the foot, the plantar surface, is not used to barefoot action and as a result is soft and tender. People running barefoot for the first time may experience plantar pain on the soles of their feet. Last of all there is no avoiding the fact that you will look a bit odd running around without any shoes on.

Like I said, I’m not a barefoot advocate, but I do run in a thin soled racing flat and I do employ many of the same running techniques that barefoot running promotes such as a forefoot strike and a light and smooth stride. So who knows what I’ll be running in this time next year.  Whether you decide to lace up your pronation correction, super cushioned shoes or opt for something a bit more minimal, remember to enjoy you runs and not get too caught up in the heated discussions surrounding this topic.

Ryan is an internet marketer working for a company dealing with car hire and if you want, you can find him on Twitter @ryanogs.

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