The Browns are not the train wreck that some believe.


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Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports wrote an article detailing his view of the Browns team issues. While I really enjoy reading his articles, I disagree on several points he made.

We disagree on the departure of offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and QB coach Dowell Loggains. When Shanahan put in or was forced to play Johnny Manziel the OC tried to use the RG3 read option offense rather than design something specifically for Manziel. The problem was that Manziel had never run the read option at Texas A&M. Shanahan should have known that and designed something with which his QB would have been more comfortable.

Add to that the total disintregration of the mechanics of QB Brian Hoyer. Shanahan and Loggains were either unable to fix the problem or were unaware of the mechanical flaws. That is inexcusable. But I do think the Browns should have gotten a draft pick or two from whatever team signed them.

There was a comment about the firing of Mike Holmgren. As I said here before Mike was hired, he was Read more at FryingPanSports

The Browns are in the hunt—IF


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No question it was an UGLY win on Sunday against the Bucs. But even ugly wins are beautiful to a fan base that has seen so few of them. The O got off to a terrible start again last week. The O line continued to struggle without all pro C Alex Mack. The latest sub trying to fill that hole is Nick McDonald who got blown back into the QB on nearly every play. The O line still can’t figure out how to block the End Tackle game where the end comes inside and the tackle goes outside. The OT MUST drop straight back and push the DT to the outside while the OG pushes the DE into the DT’s path.

The running game disappeared in a swarm of white Bucs uniforms. RB Ben Tate had 3 yards in 10 carries. Terrance West did a Read more at FryingPanSports

The entire NFL drug testing program is at risk over Gordon.


There is a reason we have not heard a word about the possible suspension of Browns WR Josh Gordon. A suspension based on one sample slightly over and the other well under the limit could generate a law suit by the NFLPA. That suit could easily knock down the entire drug testing program.

The problem is this—How can 2 tests of the same sample come up with 2 entirely different results? That result puts the entire program and methodology in question. If the methodology is flawed, should the league be able to continue testing? A judge will clearly side with the players.

The other issue is the NFL level of failure is 100 lower than that of the Olympics. If the league can not get the same result from the same sample, what validity does the test have? The obvious answer is none.

So Commissioner Roger Goodell must step carefully or risk throwing the baby out with the bath water. If there was a negotiated settlement, it would have been announced already. I am betting that the League will hope this debacle just fades away. If the league decides to punt, there will be no announcement. At this point for … Read more at FryingPanSports

QB Controversies can be hazardous to a coach’s employment.


One of the things that head coaches at all levels of sports fear the most is a QB controversy. That is particularly true in the NFL. This preseason there are a number of them around the league. However, the analysis of each will be the fodder for future articles.

The point of this posting is the danger that they pose for the continued employment of coaches around the league. Despite what you have heard about pro players there is one thing you should know—players know which QB gives the team the best chance to win. If the coaching staff make the right choice everyone has a decent chance of holding onto his job. If not, the coaching staff will appreciate the extended unemployment benefits the federal government now provides.

The biggest risk of making a job threatening mistake is in the hands of Rex Ryan. The Jets have said that there will be a true competition between Geno Smith and Mike Vick. The staff wants Smith to win the job but based on what I have seen Vick gives the team a much better chance to win now. However I suspect that unless Smith stinks the place up so badly … Read more at FryingPanSports

Play the Draft is a great site.

NFL Draft

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