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Thoughts about NFL weeks 1-4

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NOTE: On NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports and I discussed the news of the day, injuries from week 4, and previews of all NFL week 5 games including the Browns/Ravens.

AFC East

Patriots – They look like the best team in the AFC. Only the Court can stop Tom Brady.

Bills – Ty Taylor has been really good and the D is solid.

Jets – The defense is great but no QB means no playoffs.

Dolphins – New head coach but the same players. That is a bad mix.

AFC North

Bengals – Andy Dalton looks great now but he hasn’t played a night or playoff game yet.

Steelers – Mike Vick is no Roethlisberger but the defense isn’t the steel curtain either.

Browns – The offense was questionable but the defense has been terrible.

Ravens – The D is not what it used to be but neither is the O.

AFC South

Colts – Luck is lucky he plays in the AFC Least. Colts get to the playoffs without a D.

Titans – They have 2 NFL starting quality QBS. Lots of teams have none.

Texans – HC Bill O’Brien is not the first to flip a coin to decide who starts at QB. The Browns did it years ago.

Jaguars – They are getting better but need more play makers.

AFC West

Broncos – Team goes as far as Peyton Manning can throw them. That won’t be to the Super Bowl.

Raiders – HC Jack Del Rio has the team playing tough and ready to steal Manning’s lunch money.

Chargers – Phillip Rivers won’t have to move but has to carry the team on his back.

Chiefs – Both O and D are very over rated. Andy Reed is not getting it done.

NFC East

Cowboys – Jerry Jones is learning Brandon Weeden is NOT a good insurance guy.

Giants – Think where they would be if HC Tom Coughlin could figure out how to get off to a fast start.

Redskins – RG3 is playing CB on the scout team. Enough said.

Eagles – 29th in O plays per game? “Chip, the U of Texas is calling. You really need to talk to them.”

NFC North

Packers – In Aaron we trust. He needs to score because the D leaks badly.

Vikings – Does Bridgewater + Peterson = playoffs? Maybe a wild card.

Bears – Only the Lions keep them out of the basement in this division.

Lions – They need coaches and a GM but who wants to live in Detroit?

NFC South

Falcons – HC Dan Quinn has this team playing great. The D is way under rated.

Panthers – I’m still not sold on Cam Newton but love the rebuilt D.

Buccaneers – Jameis Winston completes a lot of throws but some are to the opponent.

Saints – The bag heads are back wondering how DC Ryan keeps his job.

NFC West

Cardinals – They win as long as Carson Palmer is healthy. The O line needs to work harder to insure that.

Seahawks – They have a great QB and RB but the O line is pathetic and may keep them out of the playoffs.

Rams – Nick Foles is not the answer but Bradford wasn’t either. The D is solid.

49ers – Jed York let the coach go when he should have fired the GM. Now Michigan has a better D than the 9ers.

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