Browns vs. Lions live game thoughts


The home crowd looks better than last week.


Gipson nice play TFL

TE Pettigrew missed the pass.

Robertson covers well out of the ILB

Nice 3 and out

Special teams penalty costs the browns good field position (Skrine)

TRich with a nice carry but the blocking not so strong

Weeden throws into double coverage Gordon almost caught it.

Browns go 3 and out after a 1st down penalty on the Lions.


The Browns stopped the Bush runs on 1st and 2nd down

Blitz gets to Stafford and Haden knocks the pass away.

Good showing for the D

TRich hit in the backfield over left guard.  NOT GOOD

Gordon with a nice run after catch

9 yard run by TRich but he was first touched in the backfield.

Det collapses the pocket on the screen pass

Browns are confused and it costs them a time out

17 yard run by TRich is all him.  Pinkston hurt by Greco getting blown up

Lions smell out the screen.  -1

3rd and 8 play fails because no one is open down field.



Bush was WIDE open but Taylor knocked down the … Read more at FryingPanSports