Did the Eagles show the NFL how to beat the Patriots?

Pats Eagles

NOTE: On NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports and I discussed the news of the day, injuries from the previous week, and reviewed all of this week’s games including a detailed analysis of the Browns game.

According to the “experts” the Eagles used a well proven system to beat the Patriots. It was the same game plan that the Giants used to beat New England in 2 Super Bowls. The Eagle D put pressure on Patriots QB Tom Brady. At the same time the defensive backs were staying close to the Pat receivers. That forced Brady to hold the ball just a little longer and contributed to 4 sacks.

That is all very nice BUT it had very little to do with the win. It really helped the Eagles that Brady lost all of his veteran receivers. The newbies were wearing “Hello, my name is” tags on their uniforms.

But that was not the key factor as well.

The newbies could not get any separation from the Eagle DBS. It was not so much that the backs did such a good job covering but it was that the WRS were not good enough to get open. But that was not … Read more at FryingPanSports

Thank the CBA for a lot of bad NFL football.

Manziel Money

NOTE: On NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports and I discussed the news of the day including details about the Brady case and broke down the Browns offense in detail. We discussed which players will make the roster and which will be cut.

The quality of play in the NFL is going down. That has nothing to do with the quality of the athletes. Every season the rookies get better and more athletic. Rather we can blame the CBA and the sloppy practice habits of NFL teams.

I have always believed that the success in the season is determined before the 1st snap of the 1st game. It is the mental and physical preparation that happens in training camp and the preseason that determines how successful the team will be.

Anyone that has watched the NFL channel training camp coverage has to be surprised at the amount of time spend just standing around. The current CBA reduces the amount of practice time dramatically. But the NFL coaches have not adjusted to the limits well.

One of the things that I have been very critical of the coaching the QBs get. One of the biggest issues is the lack … Read more at FryingPanSports

The NFLPA is going to court to renegotiate the CBA.


NOTE: Monday on NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports and I discussed the news of the day and projected what the 2015 NFL season could be if the Browns had drafted Teddy Bridgewater rather than Johnny Manziel.

Putting the current issues of Tom Brady aside, one thing is clear. The NFLPA wants it cake and wants to eat it too. When the NFLPA had the chance to take the power of the Commissioner away, the leadership chose to take the money.

Now, they want the court to correct that mistake in the Brady case. This should be totally rejected by the court. In most cases, the court defers to a collective bargaining agreement in cases like this. The fact that the NFLPA agreed to allow the Commissioner to be the final arbiter of suspension cases should give the court all it needs to refuse this case.

But this is far from the only time that the NFLPA has fought for money for the current players over the interests of others. They turned their backs on the retired players, those guys that built the league to the point that the current players can get such big dollars.

Don’t forget that the … Read more at FryingPanSports

There are ways for the NFL to develop young players.

NFL Draft (2)

NOTE: On NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports and I analyzed the depth chart of the Browns. There will be no shows until Thursday the 28th. Paul Banks of the Washington Times will be my guest to talk Browns and Cavs. On the June 1 Samantha and I will talk about which teams have done the best and the worst with both Free Agency and the draft.

There is no question that young players are missing out on reps and their chance to develop into NFL starters. While the problem covers all positions it is particularly important for young quarterbacks.

Beginning with the 2011 NFL Draft, 12 QBs have been drafted in the 1st round. Five of them are expected to start in 2015 only one of which, Andrew Luck, is a true franchise QB in my opinion. However, Teddy Bridgewater has a chance to be the 2nd franchise guy if he continues to develop.

So what is the answer?

1. Hire a QB guru to work with a developmental QB. While there is a salary cap on players, there is not on coaching staffs. The QB position is the most critical in the game. Why … Read more at FryingPanSports

NBA Playoff version of Tackle Basketball has to stop.

NBA xNOTE: On NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports and I projected the records of the AFC North teams game by game. I want to thank all of you that take time to listen to the pod. We really appreciate you. Thanks.

Cavs forward Kevin Love is out for the next series and quite possibly the playoffs because the NBA refs won’t do their job. The series got more and more physical as it went on between the Celtics and Cavs. I have officiated basketball games between grown men including some former NBA players and could tell the game Sunday was getting away from the refs.

The NBA is built on stars playing in the premier event of the season—the playoffs. The league owners should take immediate action to make it clear that the officials must do a better job in keeping control of the game. If not, you will see more stars eliminated from the playoffs from dirty play.

I will watch the Cavs games because I am a fan of the team. But I have NO interest in watching any other team. The gutless guys with silent whistles have ruined the league for me. I have a feeling that … Read more at FryingPanSports

The Browns chose wisely for their OC.

John DeFilippo

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Yesterday the Browns introduced John DeFilippo as their new offensive coordinator. In my judgment, that was an excellent choice. He had been the QB coach of the Raiders. But what I like best about him is he brings a history of fixing broken QB mechanics. If the Browns are ever going to get anything out of their 1st round pick of Johnny Manziel, DeFilippo is going to have to do major surgery on Johnny’s mechanics and attitude.

As QB coach for the Jets in 2009, he faced a difficult problem. The team drafted rookie Mark Sanchez who had started just 1 year for USC. It was DeFilippo’s job to turn Sanchez into an NFL starter. He was able to help Sanchez lead the Jets to the playoffs with a 9-7 record.

As QB coach for San Jose State, he molded Jordan La Secla into a serviceable QB that threw for 2860 yards and a QB rating of 125.8 in 2010. The next season he helped Matt Faulkner throw for 3149 yards and a QBR of 131.6.

In 2012 he was named QB coach for the Raiders. He turned Terrelle Pryor from Read more at FryingPanSports