The Browns personnel staff is GUTLESS!

Memo to EVP Brown:  You and your staff are GUTLESS.  They won’t pick a QB in fear they will screw it up.  I hope you are GONE before the next NFL Draft.

Too cute for your own good.

While the 1st pick should have been a no brainer, someone in the Browns “brain trust” was leaking comments about taking a QB with that pick.  All Browns fans now know that was a bald-faced lie.  This group DOESN’T HAVE THE GUTS TO TAKE A QB!

If you think the clock doesn’t start until you take a quarterback, YOU ARE WRONG!  Thanks to your blunders and bad draft picks, we fans suffered through a 1 win season!  Watson was graded below last year QB Myles Garrett that you gave to the Eagles.  He then beat you in the 1st game of the season.

This year you not only bailed the Texans out of a HORRIBLE contract they gave to Brock Osweiler, but then you gave them their new QB in Deshaun Watson.  The Texans will make EVP Brown their MVP of the season.  The down side is the Browns will face the Texans the week before they … Read more at FryingPanSports

Last Chance for Analytics

For Browns fans, these are the times that try men’s souls.  This Browns front office has 1 more chance to turn the team around or it will be gone.  I believe that HC Jackson has some time but not the front office.

My experience tells me when someone thinks they are the smartest guy in the room, very often they are not even in the running.  The Browns Front office is trying something different—Analytics.  The do think they are smarter than the rest of the league.  While Analytics works in baseball or basketball, it will not work in football.

One of the things that analytics suggests is trade down to get more draft picks.  That might work if the front office had any idea what they are doing with the extra picks.  Last Monday we detailed the picks that this administration made in 2016.  None of them were ranked in the top 60 in terms of production.  This year began with that same FO failing to get a deal with Pryor who got 1000 yards in his first season as WR with a bunch of nobodies throwing to him.  Instead they got an 8 year veteran who has just … Read more at FryingPanSports

2017 NFL Draft prospects Offense From NNR podcast

QBWeak at the top
1DeShone Kizer ND 6-4 233 R1-2
Above agr arm QB that takes care of the ball. 47TDs 19X Don’t blame him for ND bad season. That’s on Kelly
2Deshaun Watson Clm 6-3 215 r1
Acc but trusts his arm too much.  76TD 32X Also runs too much. Can he survive in the NFL?
3*Mitch Trubisky NC 6-2 233 R1
Tall, solidly built passer. Outstanding athlete BUT 1 year starter Lack of experience is a big issue with me
4Patrick Mahomes II TTK 6-2 225 R1-2
Top arm but inconstant mechanics. Played with no O line or WRs in a league with NO D. Perfect for CL
5Davis Webb Cal 6-5 230 R2
Lean body with inj hist Out early in 15.  pressure alters his mechanics. Little D in Pac12
WCChad Kelly Ole Miss 6-2 224 R6-7
Above avg arm & acc but lots of baggage too.
RBDecent depth but too many questions about this group
1Leonard Fournette LSU 6-0 240 R1
5.5 Y/C Heavy runner with power & speed. Not as well used as most LSU RBs.
2Dalvin Cook Florida State 5-11 213 R1
Good rec
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If Black lives matter, why don’t those killed in Chicago matter?

Colin Kaepernick
Black lives matter
Black lives matter

Understand that I believe any death of an innocent person is tragic.  But I think that Colin Kaepernick and others (black lives matter) are wrong about what is preventing them from standing at the National Anthem.  If they were being honest, they would realize that the number of police shootings of innocent Black men is very small compared to the number of Black men, women and children gunned down in our inner cities like Chicago.

The number of killings of Blacks in Chicago so far this year has topped the total of last year in just over 9 months.  By far the majority of killings of Blacks in Chicago and other major cities in the US are done by other Blacks.  If Kaepernick and others were protesting that, I would be supporting them.  Those people are the ones that are suffering the loss of members of their families.  Those are the families I feel sorry for.

There are many reasons why that is happening in our major cities but that is not the point here.  The point is this—Black lives do matter no matter who causes the death.  That is something that I believe every American could … Read more at FryingPanSports

Did the Eagles show the NFL how to beat the Patriots?

Pats Eagles

NOTE: On NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports and I discussed the news of the day, injuries from the previous week, and reviewed all of this week’s games including a detailed analysis of the Browns game.

According to the “experts” the Eagles used a well proven system to beat the Patriots. It was the same game plan that the Giants used to beat New England in 2 Super Bowls. The Eagle D put pressure on Patriots QB Tom Brady. At the same time the defensive backs were staying close to the Pat receivers. That forced Brady to hold the ball just a little longer and contributed to 4 sacks.

That is all very nice BUT it had very little to do with the win. It really helped the Eagles that Brady lost all of his veteran receivers. The newbies were wearing “Hello, my name is” tags on their uniforms.

But that was not the key factor as well.

The newbies could not get any separation from the Eagle DBS. It was not so much that the backs did such a good job covering but it was that the WRS were not good enough to get open. But that was not … Read more at FryingPanSports

Austin Davis is the right QB to start this week.


NOTE: On NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports and I discussed the news of the day and detailed the Browns loss to the Ravens including the details of the blocked field goal attempt.

Austin Davis has a 3 year deal and had more starts than Johnny Manziel. He is at the least a solid backup QB and at best perhaps a part time starter. He has an NFL arm but not a cannon. He sees the field and reads defenses fairly well. And the most significant advantage he has over Manziel is that he has not lied to the coaching staff.

The last statement is most significant. Even if Manziel was on the field a clone of Cam Newton the fact is that he can not be trusted to become the face of the franchise. Manziel has been coddled his entire life. That has resulted in an attitude that he can get away with almost anything including lying to the staff.

Often a person who goes into rehab is not able to sustain a clean life after resuming their lives. It often takes 3 or 4 trips to rehab to over come their addiction. When that person has been able … Read more at FryingPanSports