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My 2014 Fearless Forecast!

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AFC North

1 Ravins O is a problem

2 Steelers D Better and faster BA falling behind

3 Bengals Dalton is not the answer. He is the problem.

4 Browns Long difficult season Thank heavens for the Cavs

AFC East

1 Patriots Brady. Do I have to say anymore?

2 Jets D and a bad division

3 Dolphins Can the O move the ball?

4 Bills With the first pick in the 2015 NFL Draft the Browns select…

AFC South

1 Colts D will be better and Colts have all the Luck

2 Titans Locker OK Mettenburger will be better

3 Jags London anyone? Just don’t have the players to compete

4 Texans “We don’t need no stinkin’ QB!”

AFC West

1 Broncos In Payton they trust

2 Chargers Rivers good as anybody D improving

3 Chiefs “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

4 Raiders The worst team in the AFC.

NFC East

1 Eagles D prevents them from challenging for the superbowl

2 Giants Can Eli be that bad two years in a row?

3 Redskins D is pathetic O struggles until RG3 figures it out

4 Cowgirls Worst team in the NFL. 8-8 will be a fond memory

NFC North

1 Packers Forget Thursday. Seahawks are just that good.

2 Bears O outstanding D cant be any worse than last year

3 Lions Still have their heads up their hind ends but Caldwell will fix that

4 Vikings They did not chose wisely. They are starting the wrong QB.

NFC South

1 Saints They “Brees” to the division title

2 Falcons Injuries killed them last year. Can they stay healthy this year?

3 Panthers D is still really good but I don’t trust the O

4 Bucs Tough division with a questionmark at QB.

NFC West

1 Seahawks Wilson and the D are enough

2 49ers D issues w/Bowman out and Smith suspension they won’t challenge for the playoffs.

3 Cardinals Only 3rd because of QB issues of the Rams

4 Rams Without Bradford they just can’t climb that Hill.

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