Top 5 Questions facing the AFC East teams

BF 5How long can BF stay with their stadium situation?
4Can WR Watkins stay healthy all year?
3Will the D be as good as in 2015 as it gets older at key positions like DT?
2Can BF keep the run game going with McCoy and more stable O line?
1Can Taylor offer the kind of passing game to truly contend in the AFC East?
MI 5Can MI really challenge NE for the AFC East title?
4Will D additions of Timmons, Allen & McDonald help?
3Will the high priced D finally live up to their salaries?
2Can MI get as much out of Jay Ajayi as last year 1,272 yards, 8 touchdowns?
1Can Adam Gase push Ryan Tannehill to the next level?
NE 5How much longer will Tom Brady still be effective?
4When will TE Gronk be healthy & can he survive a complete season?
3Will the D be as effective in the playoffs with the loss of Ryan, Sheard & Long?
2Will the O additions be enough to keep NE at the top of the AFC?
1Will a rush-by-committee be enough to earn one
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Did the Eagles show the NFL how to beat the Patriots?

Pats Eagles

NOTE: On NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports and I discussed the news of the day, injuries from the previous week, and reviewed all of this week’s games including a detailed analysis of the Browns game.

According to the “experts” the Eagles used a well proven system to beat the Patriots. It was the same game plan that the Giants used to beat New England in 2 Super Bowls. The Eagle D put pressure on Patriots QB Tom Brady. At the same time the defensive backs were staying close to the Pat receivers. That forced Brady to hold the ball just a little longer and contributed to 4 sacks.

That is all very nice BUT it had very little to do with the win. It really helped the Eagles that Brady lost all of his veteran receivers. The newbies were wearing “Hello, my name is” tags on their uniforms.

But that was not the key factor as well.

The newbies could not get any separation from the Eagle DBS. It was not so much that the backs did such a good job covering but it was that the WRS were not good enough to get open. But that was not … Read more at FryingPanSports

The Cavs are back, but…

LeBron (2)

NOTE: Today on NNR I was very honored to have Peter Brown as my guest. We discussed the draft in general and the Browns picks in particular, the Cavs, and of course the Wells report. Anyone that listened to Yahoo Sports Radio knows that Peter Brown always has a unique point of view. His knowledge and wit made him one of the most popular hosts on radio.

The win by the Cavs over the Bulls last night allowed the fans to begin to breath again. It required LeBron James taking over the game to get the Cavs to 1-1 in the series. He dominated inside the paint and was unstoppable.

To gain control of the series, the young Cavs are going to have to go to Chicago and play at a level above the effort they displayed last night. The Bulls are a physical team that plays better at home than on the road. To win the game tomorrow night, the Cavs have to continue to increase their intensity and effort.

If they do, the Cavs will win the series and move on. If not, they could be in big trouble. Getting J.R. Smith back from suspension will help. But … Read more at FryingPanSports

Is GM Ray Farmer too slow to make decisions?


Note: On NNR today Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports & I reviewed the trades and free agent signings. The podcast is on

So far in the Browns off season from hell they have signed a backup QB and yet another #2 wide receiver. At least Brian Hartline is taller than most of the receivers on the roster.

There is almost no chance that the Browns can land an above average WR with the list of quarterbacks on the roster. Wide-outs want a stable offensive system with a QB that they trust to get them the ball. The Browns have neither of those qualities.

GM Ray Farmer missed a chance to bring in a true #1 WR in Kenny Stills. He has speed and size. Since the team has struggled to bring in FA wide-outs, getting a young player with 2 years left on his 5th round salary by a trade would have been huge. But the Dolphins got the deal.

The frustration of Browns fans everywhere is that despite having a ton of cap space, the Browns seem to be hording it. There is no question that the Browns lack of stability means that they will have to … Read more at FryingPanSports

The NFL better come down very hard on the Patriots.

Goodell Pressed

Note: On NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports & I discussed the Super Bowl game including issues around the Browns recent hires. The podcast is on

Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain Dealer reports that Browns GM Ray Farmer faces a multi-game suspension and loss of draft choices for texting and or calling coaches during games. That is an illegal use of technology under NFL Rules.

He is not an X’s and O’s guy. Based on his first two first round draft picks last year, I am not sure if he is a player evaluator either. He had a habit of calling or texting former QB coach Dowell Loggains. Based on how the QB position deteriorated over the season, Loggins clearly needed all the help he could get.

Now if the Browns can be punished like that for something as dumb as illegal texting, the penalty for Bill Belichick and the Pats should be 10 times that for Deflate-gate. But we all know it will not.

If a player had violated the rules, he would have faced suspension for the next game. Conveniently the NFL was not able to complete their investigation in the two weeks leading Read more at FryingPanSports



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Deflationgate is a disaster for the NFL, the Pats, HC Bill Belichick and QB Tom Brady. I do not believe that anyone in the Pats organization even blinks without approval of Belichick. He runs that team with an iron fist. To think that he did not know about balls being under inflated is a joke.

If the AFC Championship game was the first time that it had happened, it could be seen as an anomaly. But we have learned that the same thing happened when the Pats went to Indy to play the Colts. The latest report from NBC Sports is that the game balls used by the Pats in the Indy dome were also deflated.

For those of you that have not been around football, let me make one thing clear—There is no way that an NFL QB can pick up a ball that is 2 pounds per square inch under inflated by 16 percent without knowing that something is different. At 10.5 psi the hand can dig into the ball significantly. It is MUCH easier to grip and throw particularly in bad weather. Brady claims he didn’t realize there Read more at FryingPanSports