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5 Essential Tips for Track Athletes: Right Shoe Type

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When you are participating in track and field events you need to have everything under control if things are going to end well. In this post we are going to tell you about 5 essential tips for dealing with this.

1. The Right Shoe Type

There are so many different types of shoes for track and field out there.  Note that there are subtle differences between track shoes for women and men. At times, picking the right shoes can be very overwhelming. Talk to any friends that you know have a decent amount of knowledge about track and field shoes, talk to your coach or look up on reviews on the Internet. Overview articles such as track and field shoes are great and provide a lot of value.

2. Choose the Right Foods

Especially in short term and periods prior the events. You don’t want to fill up with sugary things, whether it’s food or soda. You should fill up on a lot of water before the race, but be careful to stop at least 30 minutes before. Eating some slices of bread, a bagel or something similar in the morning is sufficient.

3. Relaxing

Move your different body parts and move around in the warm-up area. Try to get rid of negative thoughts that pop into your mind. These are never doing anything good. Take deep breaths and try to chill out.

4. Energy Management

Very often, athletes exert themselves too much in the first half of the race. This will lead to them under-performing in the latter half and the overall performance drops. To get this balance just right is extremely difficult and a big part of what makes a track and field athlete successful.

  1. Review the Event

After you have finished your event and taken a break you would want to write down things that went great. Focusing on negative things should be avoided, as these will only create negative thought patterns and might actually decrease performance. If you notice you have a couple of negative sticking points, and if they are in your control, try to change them.

Surfing Options- More Than Just The Sea?

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It’s hardly surprising that surfing is a sport adored by many. Whether you are successfully propelled towards the shore or instead, wiped out and plunged into the sea, aiming to mount an epic wave crest at just the right moment can be an exhilarating experience.

There are a few problems however, that make the sport less enjoyable in the winter months.

The technology of wetsuits has undeniably come a long way, with the best ones able to keep surfers warm in the extremist of cold temperatures. Wetsuit hoods are also available to help prevent painful “brain freeze”, though some people find these uncomfortable attire. You’ll have to peel yourself out of the suit eventually too and the delay between removing said suit and clambering into warmer garments can be unpleasant in bitter winter climates and can even promotes colds and/or flu.

The surfing aficionados that do face the icy temperatures to get their wave-riding fix also potentially face an ailment – appropriately named “Surfers ear” – in which surfers’ ears grow small, bone-like bumps inside the ear canals near to the eardrums – a defence mechanism of the body to keep the cold water and air out. Ear canals can be completely closed off by these bumps, causing both hearing impairments and considerable pain.

This probably won’t deter the keenest of surfers but what are the alternatives for those not wanting to risk discomfort or illness?

The laziest alternative would probably be to turn to your video games console. There are a few surfing games in existence (Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer and TransWorld Surf, for example) though I would recommended the Nintendo Wii console for the most interactive (and recent!) gaming-meets-surfing experience. As well as there being a surfing-specific game available for the Wii (Surf’s Up) Wii Sports Resort optimises the technology of the consoles’ motion sensitive controllers and includes a number of other water sports that may also be of interest to budding surfers (Wakeboarding and Power cruising, for example).

If gaming is just not active enough for you however, you could try the indoor warmth of Flowrider at Loop in Cornwall. The Flowrider generates a thin sheet of water (less than three inches approx.) which flows over a stationary wave to create a dynamic, safe, self contained environment in which surfers, skateboarders, wake boarders and snowboarding can perfect their moves – and learn new ones too! Since Flowrider is suitable for novices and experts, as well as people of all ages, the surf-like experience one that can be shared between groups of friends and/or family.

Kat is an internet marketer working for the surfing in Cornwall company that are behind FlowRider!

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