It is time for Larry Dolan to open his pocketbook.


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The Indians are struggling as usual. Those of you that listen to NNR know all I expect from the Tribe is that they stay interesting until the Browns opens training camp. Unfortunately that seldom happens.

The problem is that while his nephew James L. Dolan is willing to spend big bucks on the New York Knicks, Larry Dolan is a tightwad in owning the Indians. Evidently Larry has never heard the adage “it takes money to make money.”

The Knicks are the 5th highest payroll in the NBA. In 2014-15 they spent 80.1 million. The Tribe is the 26th highest spending team spending 63.8 million.

The Tribe is offensively and defensively challenged. If the good pitching gives up 2 runs, the team has little chance of winning. If the questionable defense adds an unearned run, the team has no chance of coming back.

Early this year several “experts” were expecting the Tribe to get into the playoffs. That prediction was in the … Read more at FryingPanSports

Thanks to all the Cavs fans.

Cav Crowd

NOTE: Today on NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports and I discussed the Browns Minicamp and Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

I wanted to say thanks to all the Cavs fans all over the country. Those that attended the game can be proud of the support you gave the team. You were wonderful in both volume and energy.

Those that cheered outside the Q can be proud of the way that they treated Golden State fans and handled the injuries and loss of the title. There were few if any arrests, no burning cars, or ransacked businesses. You all showed the rest of the country how to act even in a loss.

Things will be different next year.

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The NBA refs are the worst in pro sports.

NBA Zebras

NOTE: Today on NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports and I review game 2 of the NBA Finals.

You would hope that in the NBA finals you would get the best of the best officials. These guys in both games were deaf, dumb and blind.

The zebras are still allowing the game to deteriorate to tackle basketball. That is going to get worse as the series continues. It can lead to injuries and fights. There is no excuse for the zebras allowing the play to get that physical. But even tackle basketball is inconsistent. At times they call touch fouls outside that would not be fouls during the regular season.

When the announcers are more accurate calling fouls and violations, the refs are not doing their jobs. It is not a case of the calls going to one team and not the other. This was just a case of the zebras swallowing their whistles. But there again, the calls are totally inconsistent. They decide to call traveling in the last 2 minutes of game 1 when they had ignored it all game long.

All any coach wants is consistency. Call it close or let them play a little. Coaches and … Read more at FryingPanSports

Playoffs? Playoffs?


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With the Browns win over the Bengals Thursday there has been a lot of talk of the Browns being a contender for the playoffs. We got Tony’s answer on the podcast. But for me the answer is “Maybe.”

The reason I am not sure is the loss to the Jaguars. If the Browns had taken care of business they would have a game and a half lead on the rest of the AFC North which at least this season is the best division in the NFL. The history of the Browns since they have come back is they play up to their opponents or down depending on if the team they are facing is better or worse. Playoff teams win those games.

Playoff teams are able to run the ball. The Browns did well against the Bengals D, but in the previous 3 games averaged under 3 yards per carry. That is not what Playoff teams do.

The third area that distinguishes playoff teams from pretenders is their ability to Read more at FryingPanSports

LeBron to Cavs fans: R E L A X

LeBron (2)

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David agreed that despite the slow start, the Cavs will be just fine. That is not to say that the team is without issues. However, Coach Blatt and the Cavs will work out the rolls of each player.

To begin with SG Dion Waiters needs to buy into his job as primary scorer off the bench. He has been the 2nd option with the Cavs but now is the 6th man. With the addition of Kevin Love, PF Tristan Thompson has to adjust to being on the bench at the start of the game as well. While he seems to get it Waiters seems to be resisting the idea.

There are other issues as well. One that will not be solved any time soon is the lack of a true big man at C. The Cavs brought in Brendan Haywood but so far that has not solved the problem. A second issue has been the 2nd unit’s inability to maintain the leads that the starters created. That should lessen over time Read more at FryingPanSports

Thank you LeBron

LeBron (2)

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I am a suffering Cleveland sports fan and a former owner of the Cavs. I bought stock in the Cavs when they were pubically owned. I was there in the old old downtown arena when the Cavs beat the Lakers for the first time.

LeBron, you have given this old Cavs fan the best gift possible—A chance to win. Whatever happens this year, the fans owe you a great deal of thanks. You and the other Cavs will give us a chance to cheer for a winning team. I loved the way you played the first time you were here. You and the Cavs came close to winning it all. Now you have the kind of supporting roster that would never have come to Cleveland without you being here first.

Like all Cavs fans I hope for the team is that they win the title. But whatever happens we support you and the team. Thanks again for bring an old man hope.

That is what I think. Tell us what you think by commenting here or tweeting me Read more at FryingPanSports