The Browns have to stop the run in 15.

Note: Today on NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports & I reviewed the Browns defense after their free agent deals. The podcast is on

The Browns were in the top 5 against the pass in 2014. But as usual the numbers don’t tell the entire story. They were last—dead last—against the run. Given the harder schedule in 15, the Browns need to find ways to stop the run.

Part of the issue last year was the injuries along the front line. But the fact is that NT Phil Taylor was not playing well when he was healthy. The injuries to Desmond and Armonty Bryant hurt the pass rush as well as run defense as well.

Those of you that listen to NNR on the radio show page know that the Browns have struggled for years at containing the edge run. In the 3-4 defense that falls on the outside linebackers. They have to force the edge run back into the middle of the field where the defenders have help. Both Barkevious Mingo and Desmond struggled to hold the point of attack against the edge run.

In short, the Browns allowed their opponent to run almost at Read more at FryingPanSports

Browns Rams LIVE Thoughts

Browns Rams LIVE Thoughts

This is a VERY thin crowd tonight.
Nice play on 3rd and 2 to Bess
Good 37 yard pass to Gordon
Runs are going nowhere.
Good pass protection vs blitz
Draw play gets the 1st.  Great call.
The pressure up the gut allowed the blocked pass.  It was not Weeden’s fault.
What Cameron misses Little catches.  Bad play by the TE.  Weeden is not showing much touch.  The pass to Little via Cameron was way too hot.
Again run gets nothing
Two incompletes force a FG.  Clev 3 St coming up.
Penalty on Groves (head butt) gives the Rams good field position.
Bradford had all day to throw.  That is not a good sign
On 2nd down Sheard had some pressure.
Blitz fails to get pressure.  1ST down
Jackson attacks the run which is a good sign
Browns blitz and the screen catches them for 17 yards
RB Pead fumbles on a taylor hit and Skrene picks it up.
Jackson shows good vision on the run.
Gordon breaks a tackle for a nice gain.
Barnidge with a good catch.
Greco with a good block down field on the screen.
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