The Top 10 Iconic Sportsmen of the 20th Century

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Baseball player Babe Ruth

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  1. Michael Schumacher (Motor Racing)

Forget the collisions and the controversies; it is without doubt that this seven time Formula One champion has to make it into the list. Considered one of or the best driver in History – the man who manage to turn round the formula one fortunes of Ferrari and the only driver to go an entire season with a podium finish at every race in the year 2002

  1. Michael Jordan (Basketball)

Basketball player turned Baseball turned Actor – Michael Jordan may have not been all that great at the latter occupations but he was one hell of a Basketball player. The 6ft 6” giant dominated the sport and led his team the Chicago bulls to three Championships. Didn’t do too well at the Baseball thing but we all admired him for his Talent and the fact that he was in Space Jam.

  1. Babe Ruth (Baseball)

Babe Ruth – the most famous Baseball player that has ever lived could in some people’s eyes be one of the most iconic sportsmen. With a career that spanned from 1914 – 1935 and hitting 60 home runs in a season a record that stood for 35 years, this American legend was two time all star legend and a seven time world series champion.

  1. Lance Armstrong (Cycling)

Lance Armstrong was considered to be at deaths door at one point when he was diagnosed with Cancer in 1996. However after a long arduous recovery the man went out to do something even more miraculous and win the Tour De France, Seven Times fro 1999 to 2005. So astonishing was his recovery and competitiveness that many accused him of taking performance enhancing drugs.

  1. Jesse Owens (Track and Field)

Jesse Owens was technically the first Person to defeat Hitler, not in War but at track and Field. This great runner specialised in Long Jump and the Sprints, and he showed his dominance in the 1936 Berlin Games. Owens went on to win four Olympic Gold’s at these games which became a very poignant moment as this was suppose to be where Hitler was to show off his superior Aryan race.

  1. Sir Steve Redgrave (Rowing)

If you have been knighted by the Queen and are considered one of Britain’s greatest Olympians then you definitely are one of the most iconic sportsmen.  Sir Steve’s credentials are truly amazing, five consecutive Olympic Gold Medals from 1984 to 2000 means he is one of only four Olympians to do it and on top of that three commonwealth game wins means he is truly one of the best sportsmen of our Era.

  1. Don Bradman (Cricket)

The original master of Cricket batting – Don Bradman was quite simply the best batsmen in Cricket to ever walk the Earth and his stats definitely back it up. The Australian had a Test batting average of 99.94, and the only reason that he never had 100 as his average was due to the fact that on his last game, he was out first ball; the reason he gave to his colleagues when he came back to the pavilion was that he had never hit his first ball for 6 and wanted to try it.

  1. Jack Nicklaus

Now I could of said Tiger Wood however with Nicklaus’ who won 18 major trophies over a career of 25 years and a recode that tiger still has to beat and at the moment does not look like doing, is why he makes it into this list. A great golfing legend that opted not to play tournaments so that he could concentrate on Majors has a tremendous golfing record.

  1. Pele

Regarded across the world as one of or the greatest footballers of all time and was voted the Football player of the century by the IFFHS and voted by the Ballon D’or committee as the player of the century. In his career he scored 760 official goals, 541 in league championships, making him the top scorer of all time. In total Pelé scored 1281 goals in 1363 games.

  1. Muhammad Ali

“I’ll Show You How Great I Am” Were wise words that came from Muhammad Ali and boy did he!! With a great boxing record, and involved in some of the best boxing matches between Joe Frazier and George Foreman Ali was a three time World Heavyweight boxing Champion and in 1999 he was given the title of “Sportsmen of the Century”


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Top NBA Dunk Contest Winners of All-Time

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Dwight Howard, U.S. Olympic Men's Basketball t...

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Back in the 80s, the NBA’s yearly slam dunk contest gave the league popularity that it could only dream of. Unfortunately, the event died out a bit and became a little stale throughout the 90s. As the 21st century rolled around, the league’s athleticism and showmanship came back to the contest once again, allowing it to reach all new heights. As a life-long hardcore fan of the NBA, I have truly enjoyed seeing this event come back into popularity. It is easily the biggest thing I look forward to during each All-Star Weekend. Let’s take a look at who I think are the greatest dunk champions of all-time.

  • Dwight Howard – 2008 Champion

Although “Superman” won only one slam dunk contest, he also gets an assist in Nate Robinson’s 2009 victory. Sadly for Dwight, the fans and judges are usually wowed more by smaller NBA players who are participating. However, Howard is easily the greatest big player to ever bring home the title. Dwight defeated Gerald Green in the finals, and is also one of a handful of players to ever receive a first round perfect score of 100, doing it in both 2008 and 2009.

  • Nate Robinson – 2006, 2009 and 2010 Champion

Because of his size, many fans feel that Nate won his slam dunk contests with his style more than actual ability. Even still, Robinson holds more NBA slam dunk contest wins than any other player in the history of the event. His most memorable dunk is from 2009, as he jumped and dunked over one of the men he defeated, Dwight Howard. Others to be defeated by Robinson in the final round are DeMar DeRozan (2010) and Andre Iguodala (2006).

  • Spud Webb – 1986 Champion

I couldn’t resist adding Spud onto my list of favorites. There is just something about a guy this much under 6-feet tall who can dunk with ease. I know what you are thinking, Michael Jordan wasn’t in the 86’ contest so it doesn’t count. Hey, it wasn’t Spud’s fault he wasn’t there, and Spud knocked off Dominique Wilkins in the final with a perfect score.

  • Dominique Wilkins – 1985 and 1990 Champion

Many people don’t remember this, but there was a debate in the 80s as to who was the top young star in the NBA, Dominique or Michael Jordan. This debate was fueled by their epic slam dunk contest battles. Wilkins beat Jordan in the final to capture his 1985 crown.

  • Michael Jordan – 1987 and 1988 Champion

Could there possibly be a list of NBA “bests” for any category, and have it not include MJ? Long before Jordan wrapped up his six NBA crowns with the Bulls, he was dazzling fans and his peers with incredible dunking skills. Jordan beat Jerome Kersey for the 1987 title and got his revenge on Wilkins by defeating him for the 1988 title. He is easily the best dunk winner we may ever see, and the reason he only won twice is because he chose to not enter many times.

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Five Sports Stars Who Refused to Let Age get in the Way

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Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan 1997

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American goalkeeper Kasey Keller will retire this month at the end of the current MLS season at the ripe old age of 41. The Seattle Sounders stopper and former Leicester City and Tottenham player has already been honoured in bizarre fashion with a corn maze tribute at a Seattle farm and is one of a select band of top performers to extend his sporting career into his 40s. We look at five more athletes who refused to let the sands of time stop them in their tracks.

Stanley Matthews

Stanley Matthews was admired as one of the greatest players to grace the game of football, but he also raised the bar when it comes to competing well beyond the usual age limits, having incredibly played his last competitive game at the age of 70. He also played at the highest level of English football until he was 50, becoming the oldest to play in the top tier of the English league in the process and went on to become the oldest player to represent England when he played for the national team against Denmark at the grand old age of 52.

Brad Friedel

Brad Friedel’s family didn’t need to worry about 40th birthday ideas when he hit the milestone age in May. The veteran ‘keeper was gifted a lucrative two-year contract with Premier League side Tottenham Hotspurs, after turning down shorter term offers from former club Aston Villa among others. The USA international continues the theme of evergreen American goalkeepers and will be nudging 42 when his current contract expires. Don’t bet against him continuing beyond that either.

Michael Jordan

Not content with becoming one of the most famous sportsmen of all time, basketball icon Michael Jordan kept everyone guessing by retiring not once, not twice, but three times. His first retirement in 1993 shocked the basketball world when he announced he was quitting the game at the age of 30 after bagging three straight N.B.A. titles with the Chicago Bulls. A rather underwhelming career in the baseball minor leagues followed before he returned to basketball and the Bulls in 1995. His second retirement came in 1999 at the respectable age of 35, but he refused to leave it there and returned to professional play with the Washington Wizards in 2001, going on to become the first 40-year-old to hit 43 points in an N.B.A. game shortly before he retired for (probably) the final time in 2003.

John Whittemore

Leaving all the others trailing, Californian sportsman Whittemore was hailed as the world’s oldest athlete when he threw the javelin and discus at a Masters Track competition in 2004 at the almost unbelievable age of 104, just six weeks before turning 105. He sadly passed away just six months later but not without securing his place in sporting folklore.

Martina Navratilova

The Czech-born, American based tennis star wrote herself into the record books with 167 career titles, including becoming the oldest ever Grand Slam winner by picking up the mixed doubles titles at Wimbledon and the Australian open aged 46. She continued to add milestones becoming the oldest player to win a professional singles match by winning her opening round at Wimbledon a year later and finished in style by beating her own record and winning the mixed doubles title at the US Open in 2006 aged 49. Sadly she was narrowly pipped to winning ITV series I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out if Here in 2008 by squeaky-voiced Eastender Joe Swash.
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High Profile Sponsorships Gone Wrong

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Tiger Woods in 2007

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As we all know too well, the world of sport, motorsport and celebrity is one that revolves completely around money. People, CEOs and famous athletes will do anything to succeed in their respective position – and do even more to secure lucrative sponsorship deals. The aforementioned agreements are usually worth millions to the figure and can boost the popularity of a brand overnight. But what happens when it all goes wrong? When the sponsorship deals goes sour? Let’s have a gander.

Tiger Woods

Mr Tiger Woods – that’s not his real name either, Google that! – is, or was, one of the most respected athletes of our time. He completely revolutionised the game of golf when he came on the scene in 1997 and, for well over a decade, dominated the sport with his incredible shot-making and will to win. One problem, though, the guy liked his women, and a that love of the opposite sex came back to haunt him when a series of unfortunate events lead to the media finding out Woods had been cheating on his wife for years with quite a lot of women.

The news shook the world, disappointed millions of fans and surprised even Woods’ closest friends, but one thing that Woods lost more than his dignity was his appeal to the big sponsors. Tiger was signed up to everything: Nike, Gillette, AT&T, Gatorade, the Moon, Jesus, you get the idea. But when the news broke, his multi-million dollar partnerships looked very rocky. He single-handedly tarnished the reputation of the aforementioned companies – and, rather surprisingly, the companies weren’t very happy. Especially AT&T, who are a bit like O2 in Britain, as they invested hugely in utilising Woods’ high-profile image to sell their mobile phones.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant isn’t really that well-known to us Brits, but in America he’s one of the most famous basketball players ever – think Michael Jordan but not as good. So when charges of sexual assault were thrust upon Kobe back in 2003, the Yanks gasped and the basketball-playing children of America instantly lost a hero. Kobe managed to get the charges dismissed, but his big-time endorsement partners were about as interested as the general public is with a political speech.

His contracts with McDonalds, Sprite and Nutella all vanished, losing Kobe $6 million a year just like that. He has since kept his public figure quite low-key and continued to play ball for the L.A. Lakers, but his trail in 2003 was enough to tarnish his image forever.

The F1-cigarette deal

For decades Formula One cars were lavished with the branding of major cigarette companies. Ferrari had one of the most successful deals with Marlboro, as they have been in agreement with each other since 1984. But when the EU banned cigarette companies from advertising on the actual cars in 2007, there was up-roar, as they felt like why should they change the habit of a lifestyle?

But while the advertising on the cars may be banned, the sponsorship deals aren’t. Marlboro still sponsors Ferrari and has recently just extended their partnership until 2015. So while this deal may have gone a little sour for the entire F1 community in 2007, the money is still there burning away like the embers of a cigarette.

McLaren and Libya

Can a sponsorship deal really fail before it’s even begun? Well, with the McLaren/Libya deal, there is certainly a case for it. McLaren were in talks with the Libyan Tourist Board – before all the uprising began – to place a ‘Visit Libya’ livery on McLaren’s F1 cars.

Obviously, we all know what’s happening to Libya in recent times and McLaren has since insisted no deal will ever be done, but what makes the story more interesting is that the man who was instrumental in the deal has been accused of dealing with Saif Gaddafi – aka, the son of Colonel Gaddafi.

Alex Waters, the aforementioned, has since denied the allegations, but as Saif Gaddafi has been killed in a Nato airstrike, it seems that will be the end of this story. Just imagine, though, if the deal had been agreed and then the whole Libya uprising began. McLaren would have looked mightily embarrassed.

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If You Were Lebron James – How Would You Feel

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LeBron James playing with the Cleveland Cavaliers

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Michael Jackson, Willow Smith, Michali Caulkin, and… LeBron James. What do they all have in common? They were all famous before the age of 16. LeBron James has been cultured by the United States media and fans, and by the age of 16 he had no choice; He was going to be an NBA basketball player, and he was going to be compared to Michael Jordan for the rest of his life.

LeBron James is coming off of one the worst NBA performances of his career, and it couldn’t have come at a more critical time. He only scored 8 points in game 4 of the NBA finals and Deshawn Stevenson of the Mavs said that LeBron James “checked out” of the game.

This is not the first time this year’s NBA villain has been put under the microscope and has had his heart questioned. But really, would you be mad at LeBron James if his heart wasn’t in it? Maybe “mad” is the not right word, but I surely wouldn’t blame him. Since the 8th grade the man has all sorts of outsiders abuse him, use him for his talents, and take advantage of the dollars that his ‘seemed to be genetically engineered for professional basketball’ body can make the poeple that are around him.

If LeBron James heart isn’t basketball – who can really blame him? Just like all the 7 footers out there that only play basketball because the ceilings at the corporate office are just too low, LeBron James was going to be an NBA player from the 8th grade.

That all being said LeBron needs to step up his game, if not for himself, for his teammates. He needs to find a way to come alive, and needs to make the best out of his situation and everything will start to come to him. It starts with the willingness to give up the villain role, and just like many things in life, if he wants to make the changes on the court than he is going to make some attitude changes off the court first. If he wants everyone from home that are watching on their Vizio TV, judging him every second, to shut up for two seconds, or to not misunderstand him – he needs to put his guard down and just start playing for the right reasons. If you want to get results on the court, you have to start off it, and it begins with realizing that the media will never stop hounding him to be the best he can be – which isn’t really a bad thing. No, not a bad thing at all.

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Great Sports Commercials For Inspiration And Motivation

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Lance Armstrong finishing 3rd in Sète, taking ...

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Advertisements and Commercials have been used for decades to inspire people; the best ones put a lump in our throat or bring a tear to our eye, but they all have one goal – to sell the advertised product. Some companies take a little bit more time and spend a little bit more money than others to achieve something that is great and sports companies have a knack at getting it right. Here we take a look at a few of the most inspirational sports commercials.

Adidas – ‘miCoach Says’

This commercial is the perfect mix of motivation and product placement. Predominantly for the UK and featuring a whole host of UK athletes such as Jessica Ennis, Jonny Wilkinson, Andy Murray and Victoria Pendleton, the music and film combine so well I get itchy feet watching it.

Nike – Lance Armstrong ‘What Are You On?’

There’s no denying that Lance Armstrong’s story is incredible and inspiring, the guy has had to put up with a lot of accusation regarding doping over the years, but there is no denying his ability and athletic capacity. Here he addresses his critics head on in this Nike commercial.

Adidas – Impossible Is Nothing ‘Long Run’

Adidas are a fan of combining old footage with new footage and in this commercial they do just that by having some of their greatest sports men and women run with a young Muhammad Ali. For me the most important person in this video is Haile Gebrselassie, the greatest distance runner the world has ever seen


Nike – Michael Jordan ‘Failure’

Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time and has to be one of the most successful athletes in history. He’s also one of the most effectively marketed athletes of his generation. In this commercial he sums up his sporting failures in 30 seconds. To win you first have to learn how to fail, something Michael Jordan knows all about.

Nike – ‘A Little Less Hurt’

This commercial for me is one of the greatest ever made. It covers a wide range of athletes either at low point, struggling or having to work really hard to be the best in their field. The accompanying Johnny Cash track sets it off nicely.

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