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Danny Kanell agreed with NFL on Rice suspension.

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The 4 letter network strikes again!  Danny Kanell appeared on Dari & Mel Saturday and agreed with Roger Goodell’s two game suspension of Ray Rice. Kanell commented that Goodell knows more than the rest of us about what exactly went on between Rice and his lady. I have no idea what Rice or his wife said to Goodell and frankly I do not care. No matter what she did, there is no action short of shooting him with a gun that justifies a male hitting a female period.

The other aspect of the Rice suspension that Kanell mentioned was that this was the first violation of any kind that Rice has committed. SO WHAT! In my opinion it is the severity of the violation and not the past record of the individual that should determine the length of the suspension.

Kanell said he has 3 daughters. That surprised me more than anything else. My wife and I have 3 daughters as well. I would never say that anything could ever justify a guy striking a woman.

The other aspect of this debacle is the inconsistency of the suspension decisions. A player that traded autographs for tattoos got a 4 game suspension despite the fact that it happened before he declared for the NFL draft. The second failed test of smoking pot gets a player a 4 game suspension. How can Goodell possibly justify a 2 game suspension for Rice? If Rice had thrown her off a 2nd floor balcony would that be a 4 game suspension?

There is another possibility that could explain the decision. Colts owner Jim Irsay is facing suspension for DUI and controlled substance possession. Could the reduced penalty for Rice be a warmer and fuzzier Goodell as he faces suspending an owner? We will likely know more about that possibility when the decision on the appeal of Brown WR Josh Gordon comes down. I do not expect any reduction in the indefinite suspension on Gordon.

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Should Cam Newton get the Heisman?

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In a word NO! Not in my opinion. The Heisman committee wanted RB Reggie Bush to return his trophy because he was not eligible due to the benefits that his parents received during his career at USC. A guy I have a great deal of respect for–Mel Kiper–said yesterday on ESPN that anyone that voted against Newton because of the allegations against his father should lose their right to vote.

Mel, you are wrong on this one. There is every reason to vote against someone if their eligibility is in serious question. Had the NCAA done their job by finishing the investigation on time, this would not be an issue. Had the pinheads that write the NCAA Rules done their job, it would also not be an issue.

As those of you that read this site often know, the NCAA has no specific rule against play for pay. When asked about going pro, one Big 12 player commented that he was not looking forward to the cut in pay. That was a joke but the issue of the parents of players getting paid great sums of money is not.

Let me ask you the reader. If Pappa Newton asked 2 schools including Mississippi State for $180,000 in order to sign his son, do you really believe that Cam told his Dad “Gee Dad, forget the money. I REALLY want to play at Auburn for free.” I don’t either. Cecil Newton told each of the schools that have reported bribe requests that he said it would be “an issue of money” that would decide the boy’s final choice of colleges to attend. There were also quotes that reported CN saying “we got a better deal from Auburn.”

Now to the rules. The rule should be that any attempt by a family member to extort money from a university or booster constitutes a violation of the rules of fair competition. By rule, that player should be made ineligible for a year. If the parent or family member received money, the player should be permanently excluded from college eligibility. It should not matter if the student knew or not. The fact is that by the parent or family member getting money virtually guarantees that the student will have benefited unfairly from that payment.

Cam, if he is smart, will announce for the NFL and get out of Auburn while the getting is good. He will likely lose the Heisman and Auburn will end up forfeiting the National Championship if they beat Oregon. In any case I don’t want to hear anything about the press being “unfair” to Cam. We were not the ones that tried to bribe colleges. He needs to be held accountable for his father’s sins.

That’s what I think. Tell me what you think.

Bill Smith is a former coach of several semi-pro teams, has officiated both football and basketball, done color on radio for college football and basketball and has scouted talent. He is a senior writer for and edits https://fryingpansports.com. His first non-fiction work is at the publisher now and he has also published several novels on

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