Mavs Owner Mark Cuban is looking into starting a REAL NCAA Championship Playoff system for College Football.


Mark Cuban has always been one of the most outspoken proponents of marketing in the NBA. But he has interests far beyond that sport. He attempted to buy the Chicago Cubs but was rebuffed by the Old Boys Club known as Major League Baseball. Now he has another idea and this one is something I can really get behind–He wants to finance a true NCAA Playoff system. He told “The more I think about it, the more sense it makes as opposed to buying a baseball team. You can do something the whole country wants done.”

There are precedents for starting a true playoff. Pryor to the first NCAA Basketball National Championship Tournament, the National Invitational Tournament was the “unofficial” championship. It took a few years before the NIT became a footnote and the NCAA Tournament became the central focus as the “real” championship.

Cuban wants to replace the BcS and most of the football world (except the pinhead ivy covered college presidents) agrees it should go. Cuban is totally correct that there would be a lot more money generated by a national playoff than by the 34 bowl games plus the BcS Championship game.

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Almost Pro–Chapter 2 Copyright by Bill Smith All rights reserved

Bob didn’t get the call from QB Sherman in the week before practices were scheduled. The first five practices of the team by rule were in no pads. Bob used the week to put in his abridged play book. Wheels didn’t appreciate the change in procedure.

“This isn’t the way we practice. I run the offense.”

“This is the way we are going to practice from now on.”

“Well, I might decide not to play at all under those circumstances.”

“Wheels, that’s fine. I have major problems with your mechanics anyway.”

“What’s wrong with my mechanics?”

“Your footwork is abysmal, your delivery point is all over the place, you have no touch on your throws, you don’t read the progression. When your primary target is covered, you run. And despite your athleticism, you have trouble shuffling within the pocket to avoid the rush. You trust your strong arm way too much and tend to throw into double coverage. Other than that, you might be the next Joe Montana.”

“You don’t want me to play quarterback because I’m black. You’re a racist!”

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The Saints will come marching into the end zone often.


There is no question that the Saints have one of the most dangerous Os in the league. Their win/loss record will depend most on how well they can stop the other team from doing the same thing.

Drew Brees is the #2 QB in most Fantasy Drafts this year for good reason. In the last 3 seasons he has thrown 26, 28 and 34 TDs. The only comment that some QB gurus make is that he is too short at a little under 6 feet to see over the O linemen. Let’s be honest. When you have 5 guys that are between 6-8 and 6-5 in front of you, you have to be 8 feet tall to see over them. Every QB needs to look in between his linemen to find his target. Brees has it all—leadership, arm, accuracy, ability to read coverage, ability to move in the pocket and rush awareness. His backup is Mark Brunell. Mark has to use Grecian Formula 88 to keep his hair brown because Grecian Formula 44 wasn’t strong enough. He is 39 but is a reasonable backup. Joey Harrington joins Brunell on the bench.

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