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NFL NEWS FLASH: This is a quarterback league. If you don’t have a starting quality QB you will lose and be replaced by a group that will find one.

You reportedly spent $100,000 on a study to see which quarterback in the 2014 NFL draft had the best chance for success. The result of the study indicated that Teddy Bridgewater was that guy. So with him on the board, you drafted Johnny Manziel. If you had been reading FPS you would have known that Bridgewater was the best available QB on the board when your second first round pick came up. But you decided for whatever reason to go with flash over substance.

We saw what Manziel could do last year. First he was abysmal vs the Bengals. Then he tried to run the RG3 read option (which he never ran at Texas A&M) and ended up on IR. The comments from Mike Pettine indicate that Johnny will be much better in the new system. Just tell us what the Read more at FryingPanSports

Thoughts about Black Monday in the NFL

Thoughts about Black Monday in the NFL


Browns:  The one gift I had to wait for was the firing of HC Pat Shurmur.  I am not a fan of former Bronco HC McDaniel but he would be better than Shurmur.  Of the coaches expected to be released my choice for the Browns would be Ken Whisenhunt.  He is a D guy but a good coach that made the best of the bad personnel decisions made by a poor GM.  My second choice would be Lovie Smith if he is let go.  Both have been to a Super Bowl and would run a tight ship without being a dictator.


I have mixed feelings about GM Tom Heckert being fired.  While he has by far done the best job of any GM the team has had since 1999 that is not a very high standard.


Cowboys:  They are out of the playoffs thanks to QB “Captain Collapse” (I want a copyright on that phrase) Tony Romo.  It will not cost his HC a job but this team has underperformed for years.  Maybe Jerry should think about firing his GM—himself.


Cardinals:  Ken Whisenhunt deserved better than he is going to … Read more at FryingPanSports