Live Game Notes From Browns/Chiefs


Live game notes from Browns/Chiefs

Great start by allowing the Chief to run 80 yards for a TD on the first play.


-KC 7 CL 0


Thomas watched the DE beat Watson and sack Weeden.


After a first down the O folds like a paper airplane and punts




Great throw to Bowe set the Chiefs up for a score but the FG was no good.  Haden and Bowe were so cute holding hands all the way down the field.



As usual the team drives the ball to a 1st and goal at the 2 and can’t score 7.  The coach seems to like the fade pass for the score but we have yet to make it work.  How about calling something that does work?


=KC 7 CL 3


The off side gives the team a 1st down.


Haden should have been called for holding on the pass to the sideline.


The Browns returned the punt for a TD.  However, there were at least 2 holds during the return that were not called.  It is about time the team gets a break.  With our luck … Read more at FryingPanSports

Live game notes Browns/Cowboys


Live Game Notes Browns/Cowboys


Good move to defer after winning the coin toss.


Nice stop by the D.



Good catch by Little. Maybe he is beginning to get it.


No room for the run. WE NEED A FB!


Cooper shows his youth and goes just sort of the LTG.


The punt almost got blocked. Bad news. That will cost us sometime soon.




OLB JMJ’s speed to cover good to see. It is a refreshing change from the slow old guys that played there last season.


Robertson and JMJ are the best OLBs we have. They need to start full time.


Hagg with nice coverage.



Good run by TRich on his own. Shows vision and strength.


Great catch by TRich.


Gordon reaches behind him to pull in the pass


No hole again for TRich. He is not dancing he is looking for a hole.


Obbi1 as a FB? What is that?


Good block by Cribbs on the pass.


The O line needs work on run blocking.


Great catch by Watson for the TD.


What is this Read more at FryingPanSports

Local Youth Wrestling Clubs vs Little Guy

Two college students wrestling (collegiate, sc...
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Local youth wrestling clubs are one of the best ways to introduce kids to the sport of wrestling.  I believe local youth wrestling clubs provide a higher caliber of competition than the   little guy wrestling offered in the elementary schools. I have seen friends kids do real well in little guy tournaments, then come to the “big leagues” of club wrestling tournaments and find it much more difficult to win.

The other thing about local wrestling clubs vs little guy, is that the numbers of athletes in the clubs are often far larger. This is very helpful to wrestlers who are in a weight that there are fewer numbers of kids. It is difficult and potentially dangerous for a child to wrestle someone who is even 10 pounds heavier than themselves. So having a larger pool of kids to pair up greatly helps reduce this issue.

Another advantage of club wrestling is that the season is longer and there are far greater tournament choices to attend. Little guy wrestling tends to only last around one month, while club wrestling lasts often 4 months. There is also, what is referred to as “off-season or pre-season” tournaments all over … Read more at FryingPanSports

Donte Stallworth got a pass on DUI Manslaughter.


When is DUI Manslaughter not a serious crime? When you are a drunk NFL player that happens to run down and kill a j-walker.

Florida has a somewhat unique approach to accidents that end up with a death. The law assigns fault to each party based on the legality of their actions leading up to the accident. There is no question that Stallworth was drunk. According to police, he had a blood alcohol content of 0.14. That is well above the legal limit.

According to reports coming from Miami, the fact that the victim Mario Reyes, 59, was not in a cross walk was a major factor in the negotiations for the plea agreement reached this week. Another factor was that representatives of Stallworth had already worked out a confidential financial settlement to avoid a potential lawsuit from the Reyes family.

The resulting plea agreement was a joke. Stallworth will spend 30 days in jail, a sentence that he has already started to serve, and will have to serve 10 years probation. He also will have community service requirements. Had he gone to trial and been found guilty of DUI Manslaughter, the sentencing guidelines are from 4 ½ to 15 Read more at FryingPanSports