Coach Del Rio's chair is more uncomfortable than a 110 degree Florida day in August


The pressure is on Jack Del Rio to win or find a good real estate agent. Jacksonville has the bad luck of playing in the same division with two perennial powerhouse teams in the AFC South. But the time for excuses is over. Win now or …

The offense has struggled for the last several years and the off season moves have not helped. QB David Garrard has to produce this season to improve the record and get into the playoffs. He has to win to keep his job as well. Garrard has lost more weapons that he got in return in the off season. Fred Taylor is gone along with his top 3 receivers from last years team. For the OTA’s, Del Rio bought three cases of “Hello My name is” labels.

Garrard was a 80-83 passer rating QB throwing about as many TDs as picks until 2007. That year he burned up defenses with a rating of 102.2 with 18 TDs and only 3 picks. After getting back from an injury in week 11 he threw 12 TDs in 6 games but was out again week 17. There was great anticipation for his 08 season but the golden … Read more at FryingPanSports

The Ravens will be different but will they be better?


There is no question that the window for the Ravens to win another Super Bowl is closing. The D is getting older and there are still questions on O. The Ravens will be different but there is serious doubt that they will be better or worse than in 08.

The D will be a little younger. The Ravens jettisoned their expensive and injury prone pro bowl CB Chris McAlister and brought in FA Domonique Foxworth. He had better work out because they are spending 27 million for the next 4 years with over 16 mil guaranteed. The other corner will be ex Raider Fabian Washington. Samari Rolle who was a starter came back on a backup contract and will be the key replacement. FS Ed Reed is older than dirt but played at a high level last year. He had better be just as good this season. The SS spot is up in the air. The Ravens have their fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed that Dawan Landry can come back after missing all but 2 games from a neck injury last year. There isn’t much behind him so he had better get well soon.

The linebacking will get new … Read more at FryingPanSports

Mangini has only 3 problems with the Browns—Offense, Defense and special teams.


Eric Mangini takes over a team that has sniffed a winning record seldom since the team returned in 1999. He has problems all over the field in all three areas of the team. We will discuss the D and ST tomorrow.



The line was a problem last year. LT Joe Thomas had a down year after being a rock in 07. Mangini and whoever plays QB will hold their collective breaths that Thomas says healthy because his backup, Rams et. al. castoff John St. Clair, is a turnstile and practitioner of the “look out” block. After making a look out block, the OL turns around to the QB and yells “look out!” LG Eric Steinbach is solid and RG prospect Floyd Womack has potential. The C position will be contested between last year starter Hank Fraley and new comer Alex Mack. If Mack and Womack can help the rest can protect the passer, the O may move the ball.


The QB position took the punishment for the lack of pass protection last year. The Browns were down to their 3 starter due to injury. This year the hope is that either Derek Anderson comes back to his … Read more at FryingPanSports

NFL prepares for free agency and some cuts go deep.

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NFL prepares for free agency and some cuts go deep.

By Bill Smith

Franchise Tags


The Giants had to put the franchise tag on RB Brandon Jacobs. It was a good move because RB Ahmad Bradshaw is in jail in Virginia from a probation violation and the top backup to Jacobs, Derrick Ward is a free agent as well. The Giants front office screwed up by allowing both top RBs to become FA in the same year. It will cost them because Jacobs will be the average of the top 5 RB salaries which should be around 7.5 million dollars.

It will also cost them to resign Ward. He fired his agent and hired Drew Rosenhaus who is famous for getting the max for his players. When the agent is wearing a mask and carrying a gun, you know the deal is going to be costly.


The Ravens have franchised DELB Terrell Suggs. That means that Ray Lewis will be an unrestricted free agent (UFA). Lewis has already said that while he would like to continue to play in Baltimore he would not give the team a “home town discount.” If Lewis moves to another team … Read more at FryingPanSports

30 Year Old Running Backs FOR SALE—CHEAP!

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30 Year Old Running Backs FOR SALE—CHEAP!

By Bill Smith

I have found the perfect back—I’ll use my first pick for;

He fast, can catch, and best of all 240 and 6-4.

He’ll blast the line, catch the pass and run like a gazelle;

I’ll cut him when he’s 30 if there’s nothing something left to sell.

By B. Smith 2009

No position in the NFL gets old faster than a running back. History shows that the production of even an above average RB falls off a cliff like a lemming after the back turns 30. The problems are the 30+ back is too old, too slow, too expensive and too fragile. Several teams will have to make some difficult choices about their 30 something RBs this year.


LaDainianTomlinson Chargers:

The biggest name on this list is Tomlinson. He turns 30 in late June and in the last couple of years has spent almost as much time on the bench with injuries as he has on the field. Those that drafted LT with the first pick in their Fantasy league were repeatedly frustrated by his lack of production last year.

The problem was made even more critical because … Read more at FryingPanSports