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  • Published: May 30th, 2012
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Bob Grant’s update on the retired player issues.

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I wanted to share an update to the retired players with my readers.

Bob Grant will be joining us on Monday June 4 to bring us up to date on the issues that face retired players.  Please join me in supporting our retired players.  It was on their backs and their bodies that the NFL that we all love was built.


Communique on Retired Player Progress

Fellow Retired Players,

Just a moment to bring you up to speed on a few recent events.

The Independent Retired Player Summit, held in Las Vegas Last week was great.  Under the new format it was the best that we have had.  The Lawyers and Doctors presenting were allowed twenty minutes to introduce themselves and then given time to conduct individual workshops.  All gave great, interesting, informative and compact presentations.  The Players and Wives were given two hours each day for forums and discussion.  If you were unable to attend I can tell you that they were fantastic.  More than a dozen of them agreed to serve on a committee to work toward Improvement and Advancement of Retired Player Affairs and encouraging ALL Retired Players, from every quarter, to do the same , regardless of their affiliation.  Please be advised that no one elected the members of this Committee.  They are just volunteers and their hope is that you will join them in their future efforts to work toward Advancement and Improvement of our affairs..

Finally, the Courts seem to have rejected us in our attempt to get the NFLPA to pay everyone who was not included in the Parrish/Adderly Lawsuit.  While the NFLPA seems very pleased at getting to keep the money that should have been paid to you, the fact remains that they stole and sold Retired Players’ images and identities and sold them without compensating you.  The 2062 men that the Court forced them to pay in 2010 received up to $14,700.00 per man.  We will continue to pursue them until they pay you for what they did. 

We will also continue to work to get our one, two and three year man vested.  There are some who fail to realize that we are working for them in all that we do.  Hopefully they will see that all of our Advocates and Activist deserve their support.

This isn’t baseball where you are only allowed three (3) strikes and you are out.  We get to continue swinging until we are where we want to be.



Bob Grant

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Dave Pear, former Raider, announces IFV-TV.

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This is a reprint of Dave Pear’s blog post of 4/18.  We thank him for appearing on NNR several times.  We also thank him for all the work he and others have done to help those that built the NFL to the 10 billion dollar a year business it has become.

View the conference live at .

First of all, we want to thank every one of our readers for their patience. We’ve been intentionally quiet in holding back until the last minute to announce more about our Second Annual Independent Football Veterans Conference coming up this weekend in Las Vegas. A lot of our readers have been checking in and many of you (friends and others) have been anxiously looking for more details on our panel discussion topics.

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ESPN Sideline Reporter Erin Andrews Feels Ohio State is Liable

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Erin Andrews ESPN

ESPN Sideline Reporter Erin Andrews Feels Ohio State is Liable

ESPN reporter Erin Andrews didn’t waste much time after her run on Dancing with the Stars to file a lawsuit, at the end of last week, against Ohio State and 2 other hotels were Andrews was videotaped by a deranged stalker with a peep hole camera. She is filing for negligence, distress and the invasion of her privacy against the Blackwell Inn, which is owned and operated by the university.

In February of 2008 (seems just like yesterday), a video of Andrews appeared on the Internet of her naked in a hotel room not aware that she was being video taped. According to her, she suffered emotional distress and was unable to work for a period of time because of the privacy invasion that occurred. She is seeking $1.2 million in the lawsuit.

Michael David Barrett was found to be the stalker who followed her across the country to video tape her from adjoining rooms while she was in town to work college basketball games. He was found guilty and sentenced. He will be behind bars for two and a half years after admitting to the crimes. Andrews discovered through the testimony of Barrett that the Blackwell Inn had provided her room number and booked the room next door for the stranger.

The hotels are hoping they can show that guests do not have an expectation of privacy when staying with them. Andrews feels the hotel should have discovered the altered peep hole and not provided her information to callers not associated with her employment. Andrews, being a celebrity, could have expected more privacy than other guests some following the case believe. If she is able to win the case, hotels will need to be more stringent with the release of information to outside requests about those staying at the hotel.

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