Boston Celtics in the playoffs.

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After the Celtics went down 2 games in the 2017 NBA playoffs I tweeted this:

“TO Celtics-Thanks for playing. Pick up a home version of the game on your way out of the playoffs.”

I was right up to the point that Rondo broke his thumb.  Now the Celtics are back in the series because of a “Very Lucky Break.”  I don’t believe the Celtics can get past the Cavs but for now they could win this series.

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Cavs don’t need a stinking Defense, they have it now!

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During the 2 games in Cleveland the Fans were chanting “Defense-Defense.”  The players looked at each other wondering what Defense was.

Defense has been missing all season.  While the regular season is one thing, it will be difficult in the playoffs for the Cavs to win with a D that ranked 20th overall.  Playoff games are half court affairs that depend on Defense, rebounding and free throws as much as anything.  Cavs fans had hoped that the team would “flip a D switch” and become the type of squad they were last year when they ranked 4th in points allowed.  That defensive effort helped them win the title last season.

The problem is the team does not have enough defensive players.  They signed a rim protector (Andrew Bogit) but he lasted just 53 seconds before he was hurt.  James is a solid defender but that is about all the Cavs have.  JR Smith is no longer a factor on D and Shumpert is no factor on either end of the floor.

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The Cavs were 1 missed free throw away from the Title.

Cav Crowd

NOTE: Congratulations to LeBron James and the Cavs for a great effort in the finals. No one would have guessed that they would be competitive without 3 of their best 5 players. Tomorrow on NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports and I discuss Game 6 of the finals and the future of the Cavs.

Despite the injures to Kyrie Irving (21.7 points per game), Kevin Love (16.4) and Anderson Varejao (9.6) the Cavs came within 1 point of winning the title.

Game 1 came down to a last second possession by the Cavs to win the game in regulation. But if they had made 1 more missed free throw, they would have had a 1 point lead and could have just held the ball to win. Another possibility would have been if the refs had not decided to call traveling for the 1st time all game on Timofey Mozgov in the previous possession. While Irving was hurt in OT, the Cavs would have won the title with that game 1 win with or without their starting point guard.

The Cavs went on to win Game 2 in Oakland and Game 3 in Cleveland. Since the format of the finals … Read more at FryingPanSports

Is LeBron the best NBA player EVER? Maybe!

LeBron (2)

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The Cavs’ “big 3” has turned into LeBron James and a bunch of “guys.” The injury to Kyrie Irving was a serious blow to the title hopes of the team but was not unexpected by Cavs fans. Despite a world of talent, there is an injury history that makes fans wonder when and not if Irving will be gone for the season.

Irving played a hand full of games at his only season at Duke before being hurt. In his rookie year he played in only 51 games due to injuries. In his second year he got into 59 games again due to injury. So his injuries in the 2014-15 season were not a shock to us. Nor was the injury to C Anderson Varejao who went down again this season. Andy has been healthy in only 2 of his 11 seasons with the Cavs.

Now James faces a very high scoring Warriors team with what is left on the roster. Paying the big 3 limited the amount of money that the Cavs had to provide a solid bench. Bench scoring … Read more at FryingPanSports

How can the Cavs get LeBron to come back?


Yesterday we asked “Can the Cavs get LeBron James to come home?” Prior to answering, I had to answer a few questions. Check out the article below.

The question today is what are the alternatives to trading for Kevin Love in blind faith that he will stay and LeBron James will come?

Sign Chris Bosh (Mia).

LeBron is currently discussing a reunion with Bosh and Dwayne Wade in Miami. Wade is a has been. He disappeared in the finals against the Spurs. The Cavs have Kyrie Irving who is younger, more athletic and effective than Wade. Irving also distributes the ball which is something that did not happen in Miami. Bosh would start allowing PF Tristan Thompson to provide scoring and rebounding off the bench. The combination of Bosh and Irving is much better than Bosh and Wade. It might be enough to get LeBron’s interest.

Sign C Marcin Gortat (Wash)

There are not many better centers than Gortat. He fills a hole and allows Thompson to stay at PF. The addition would help LeBron with rebounding and scoring. Gortat is a 13 point 10 rebound a game guy. That would allow the Cavs to trade or bring Anderson Varejao … Read more at FryingPanSports