The Browns are not the train wreck that some believe.


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Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports wrote an article detailing his view of the Browns team issues. While I really enjoy reading his articles, I disagree on several points he made.

We disagree on the departure of offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and QB coach Dowell Loggains. When Shanahan put in or was forced to play Johnny Manziel the OC tried to use the RG3 read option offense rather than design something specifically for Manziel. The problem was that Manziel had never run the read option at Texas A&M. Shanahan should have known that and designed something with which his QB would have been more comfortable.

Add to that the total disintregration of the mechanics of QB Brian Hoyer. Shanahan and Loggains were either unable to fix the problem or were unaware of the mechanical flaws. That is inexcusable. But I do think the Browns should have gotten a draft pick or two from whatever team signed them.

There was a comment about the firing of Mike Holmgren. As I said here before Mike was hired, he was Read more at FryingPanSports

The Browns will struggle to fill the OC position.

Manziel Money

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The Browns struggles to fill the OC & QB coach positions have nothing to do with perceived “dysfunction” of the franchise. But make no mistake, the Browns will have to beg an experienced OC to come to Cleveland.

I am glad to see Kyle Shanahan and his joined at the hip QB coach Dowell Loggains out of the picture. My problem with Shanahan was the total lack of in game adjustments and the lack of creativity. Rather than developing a game plan focused on his experience at Texas A&M for Johnny Manziel’s first start, Shanahan just plugged in the RG3 game plan. Manziel never had any experience with the read option. So why would Shanahan try to use a plan that did not relevant to Manziel’s experience?

I had a much bigger issue with Loggains’ performance. My question is how can a qualified QB coach watch as starter Brian Hoyer’s mechanics deteriorated and not do everything possible to correct them? In addition, Loggains had no impact on developing and Read more at FryingPanSports

OC Shanahan didn’t do Johnny any favors.


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Something that missed nearly everyone’s notice was how much the Johnny Manziel offense by Kyle Shanahan looked very much like the offense that he and his father put in for Robert Griffin. In fact, the read option was something that Manziel never used in Texas A&M.

There was a rumor that the Wednesday installation practice went terribly wrong. If practice went that badly, what would make the coaching staff have any confidence that the game would go better? The answer is they knew that Johnny was doomed to fail.

I have to begin to wonder if Kyle is in over his head without the loving embrace of his father as his boss. In Cleveland Kyle is on his own. He used the RG3 offense because he couldn’t design an O that would fit Johnny.

It was ugly beyond words. But it was only one bad game. It is far too soon to decide if Johnny Manziel can play or not. The next two games will Read more at FryingPanSports