The Browns front office must go!

There is a lot of conversation about whether Kizer is franchise QB the team has needed for so long.  He might be exactly what the Browns need at the most important position in the game.  But it is hard to tell when so many throws that are right on target are dropped by a receiver group that is worse than 2 teams I coached in semi-pro football.

The brain-dead people making draft picks have given HC Jackson a team that is green as baby peas.  They let the 1 WR that had 1000+ yards and was new to the WR position go but brought in a guy that could not catch a cold standing naked on the edge of Lake Erie in a sleet storm.  He also has 1 1000 yard season but has been in the league for years.

They also passed up 2 other QBs that could have started the “rebuild” much earlier and given beaten down Browns fans some hope.  If this group made good choices with those extra picks I might agree.  They do not and the proof is the 1 win we have seen in the two years that they have been in control.

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Why the Browns can’t trust Johnny Manziel.

NOTE: On NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports and I discussed the news of the day, injuries from the previous week, and previewed all of this week’s games.

Johnny Manziel just does not listen. He was given the keys to the Browns, limited as that vehicle may be, and promised he would not embarrass the team. Then he did exactly what he promised not to do—embarrassed the team.

I do not believe that Manziel is capable of being a franchise, or even NFL quality, starter. But even if was the 2nd coming of Otto Graham, I would not have drafted him because of his attitude. The problem is that he will never have the work ethic that it takes to become an NFL quality QB.

Just after he was drafted, he told the world that he would live his life the way he wanted. Then after playing in a couple of games including a shutout against the Bengals he admitted he did not take studying the play book seriously enough.

I applauded him for checking into a rehab clinic over the off season. But then we got to this week. Once again he proved that anyone that trusted him … Read more at FryingPanSports

Where did Ray Farmer go wrong?

NOTE: On NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports and I discussed the news of the day, injuries from the previous week, and previewed all of this week’s games including a detailed analysis of the Browns game.

It is my experience that when someone in the room thinks they are the smartest person there, they are not even in the running for that honor.

I think that is part of Browns GM Ray Farmer’s problem. He thinks he is smarter than the other NFL General Managers.

Ray was too busy to bother to go to the pro day of CB Justin Gilbert. If he had he might have over heard Gilbert tell a team scout that asked him to return some punts “watch the film.” That scout took Gilbert off his team’s board. Ray would have been more secure in his position to have done the same thing.

Ray was too busy to bother to go to the pro day of QB Johnny Manziel. If Ray had taken the time he might have found out about Manziel’s attitude about blow up swans, liquor and parties in front of people taking videos.

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April Fools Day extends to the Draft for the Browns.

Brownie Down

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The recent history of the Browns drafts makes me think there was an April Fools Day hangover. Here are just a few of the jokes that have been forced on Browns fans.

The 22nd overall pick has been a cruel joke on the fans waiting for a quality QB.

2014 Johnny “football” Manziel – The team reportedly spent 100K to decide which QB in the draft had the best chance of success based on metrics. The result was that Teddy Bridgewater had the best chance of success. So with Teddy on the board the Browns traded up to the 22nd pick to take—Johnny Football. His season spent under the watchful eye of the coaching staff didn’t mean much when in his first start he laid a dinosaur egg against the Bengals. He spent a lot more time with blowup swans than his playbook. We all hope he can overcome his demons in rehab. While some say he deserves another chance, in my opinion he should at least have some competition before being anointed Read more at FryingPanSports

Are the Browns trusting McCown to get them the top pick in 2016?

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Of all the issues the Browns face clearly QB is the most troubling. Rather than resigning Bryan Hoyer the Browns opted to let him leave and sign Josh McCown. McCown was brought in to Tampa to be the starter by new head coach Lovie Smith. While McCown did not produce many wins in his 11 starts (1-10) in a way he helped solve the QB issue by getting the top pick in 2015 for the Bucs.

If that is what the Browns have planned for 2015, it will be a L O N G               S E A S O N for Browns fans. There is little chance that McCown, Johnny Manziel, or any of the other QB’s on the roster can lead the team to many wins given the schedule against the AFC & NFC West. Perhaps I was not far wrong when I suggested that the plan was “Crash for Cardale.”

That is what I think. Tell us what you think by commenting here or tweeting me @NNRonDSN.

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Pettine, Farmer and company, have a nice life.



Note: On NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports & I reviewed the Browns recent transactions and previewed the NFC South. The podcast is on

NFL NEWS FLASH: This is a quarterback league. If you don’t have a starting quality QB you will lose and be replaced by a group that will find one.

You reportedly spent $100,000 on a study to see which quarterback in the 2014 NFL draft had the best chance for success. The result of the study indicated that Teddy Bridgewater was that guy. So with him on the board, you drafted Johnny Manziel. If you had been reading FPS you would have known that Bridgewater was the best available QB on the board when your second first round pick came up. But you decided for whatever reason to go with flash over substance.

We saw what Manziel could do last year. First he was abysmal vs the Bengals. Then he tried to run the RG3 read option (which he never ran at Texas A&M) and ended up on IR. The comments from Mike Pettine indicate that Johnny will be much better in the new system. Just tell us what the Read more at FryingPanSports