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Something is rotten in Denver.

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Note: On NNR yesterday Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports & I reviewed the Divisional NFL Playoff games including the issues of calls and the Bills naming a coach. The podcasts are on https://fryingpansports.com/radio-show/.

The loss by the Broncos was a wake up call for the team, team ownership and their Hall of Fame QB Peyton Manning. Some difficult decisions will have to be made over this off season by both Peyton and team management. The biggest problem for the Broncos is that those decisions will be made by John Elway.

Elway’s first order of business was to get rid of a coaching staff that took the defensively challenged Broncos to the Super Bowl last year and won four straight division titles. But why was the team defensively challenged? Elway felt that bringing in Manning would solve all the issues of the team. But the neglected D allowed the Seahawks to blow out the Broncos. This year Elway did add some better players on D but the O line was thin. When injuries occurred the O line became the problem. An already fragile 38 year old QB suffered an injury that ended the Broncos season.

On Peyton’s side the issues were about how he feels and what are the risks of playing in 2015. But now with the dismissal of the coaching staff, he has very little incentive to return. On the Manning Mystery Tour in the 2011-12 off season, the attraction to Denver was in large part the coaching staff. Now that group is gone and Elway will want Manning to take a HUGE pay cut from the 19 million that his contract calls for. It will be interesting to see how Elway and the Broncos do with a new coaching staff and the gangly Brock Osweiler under center.

Fox will have a job as soon as his plane lands in Chicago. The Bears appreciate extended playoff runs.

So the decisions of Elway will be interesting. Bronco owner Pat Bowlen would not have dismissed Fox so quickly. But with his illness, it is Joe Ellis, the Broncos’ team president, and Elway are in control. With a likely 5-11 season next year with out Manning and Fox, I suspect that Elway may find his way to the hot seat.

Congratulations to the Ohio State Buckeyes for winning the national championship. The Bucks win proved that the Oregon clothes do not make the man. By the way, ESPN, IT IS 8 TOTAL TITLES NOT 6. Get it right.

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Top 5 NFL Quarterbacks of All-Time

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Joe Montana on the set of an ESPN broadcast.

Joe Montana on the set of an ESPN broadcast. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 #5 John Elway – Denver Broncos 

John Elway had about a storied of a career as you can have as a quarterback.  After much Super Bowl disappointment early in his career Elway ended his storybook career as a signal caller who back-to-back Super Bowl crowns.  Maybe the most famous of Elway’s career was the 98 yard drive he led the Broncos on in the 1987 AFC Championship vs. the Browns to secure Denver a trip to the Super Bowl.  He was a 9-time pro bowler, NFL Hall of Famer, and 1987 league MVP.  When we think Broncos nowadays we think John Elway, who is now apart of the team’s front office as well.

#4 Johnny Unitas – Baltimore Colts

Yeah, he played for other teams, but Unitas was above all a Baltimore Colt.  Unitas was important to the game because he absolutely revolutionized what we know now as the passing game.  He is looked at by many as being the original QB prototype that all others after him would be judged.  Unitas played in the pre-Super Bowl era so he had 3 NFL championships and was named a pro-bowler 10 times.  He was a 3 time MVP and truly the player of his generation with his legendary black high top cleats and flattop haircut.

#3 Tom Brady – New England Patriots

Tom is a three time Super Bowl Champion which isn’t bad for a guy who was picked in the sixth round of the draft out of Michigan.  Brady has amassed 2 league MVP’s and a Super Bowl MVP to go along with his absolute assault on the statistical record books as well.  Brady’s career is still a work in progress and we could see him at the top of this list before all is set and done.

#2 Peyton Manning – Indianapolis Colts

Manning is still writing his novel as an NFL quarterback as well and he is already the fastest QB to 4,000 completions and the fastest to 50,000 yards as well.  He is an 11-time pro bowler and before missing all of last season with a freak neck injury had started every game of his career.  He has one Super Bowl ring, a Super Bowl MVP, and has been the league MVP 3 times to boot.  The way he directs an offense is absolutely beautiful to watch so here is to hoping his health allows him to do so for years to come.

#1 Joe Montana – San Francisco 49ers

Yes, we know he played for the Chiefs towards the end, but Joe was a 49er.  Joe stands above the rest because of his big plays in the games biggest moments. He is a 4-time Super Bowl Champ and 3-time Super Bowl MVP.  He was no slouch in the regular season winning 2 league MVP awards as well.   He still holds the postseason record with 45 TD passes and has clutch moments in the playoffs that will live in the NFL forever.  Also of note is the fact that in his four Super Bowls, Montana threw 0 interceptions.  Not bad, especially for a skinny and lanky 3rd round pick that people said would never amount to much in the NFL.

Danny is guest writer and devoted Football fan who loves to watch games on 3D TV for the added viewing enhancement.

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