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Saints TE Jimmy Graham got his money. He is a first round pick in any fantasy draft.

Browns WR Josh Gordon did not help his cause with a 2nd legal issue since he appealed his indefinite suspension. Both issues show he has major issues. After failing a test for weed, he was caught speeding with a friend smoking pot. Then he was arrested for DUI. At this point I doubt he can stay clean for a year to qualify for reinstatement. He may never play again.

49er RT Alex Boone says he won’t attend training camp unless he gets a new deal. The way he played in 2013 he should be more than happy with his salary. He missed way too many blocks to get a raise.

Flying J/Pilot President Jimmy Haslam signed an agreement with the fed. It will cost the company 92 million dollars. All Browns fans should buy as much gas as possible because Haslam needs the money.

Panthers DE Greg Hardy was found guilty of assaulting a female and … Read more at FryingPanSports

What does the Pilot/Flying J settlement mean to the Browns?


Browns owner Jimmy Haslam signed off on a settlement agreement with the federal government to pay a 92 million dollar fine. It has been broadly reported that this issue is now closed. That is not the case.

In the 40+ page agreement, the fed reserves the right to continue to prosecute individuals that were involved in the withholding of rebates to customers. That does not mean that Haslam will be indicted. It simply means that the fed does not have enough evidence at this point to indite him or any of the other top officials. By reserving the right to continue to prosecute, there is still a chance that additional indictments may come but it is less likely.

One thing that can not be overlooked is the party politics of this investigation. Where Jimmy’s brother not the Republican Governor of Tennessee, there would have been a much less public investigation of the crime. Make no mistake about it—the company did violate federal law. But the fed did all it could to be as public as possible about the crime.

Bottom line—Every Browns fan should buy their fuel at Flying J or Pilot because the team owner needs the money to … Read more at FryingPanSports

The investigation of Browns Owner Jimmy Haslam stinks of politics.


Anyone that knows the background of Attorney General Eric Holder would expect another attack on Republicans.

It was Holder that refused to prosecute the New Black Panthers for threatening white voters with weapons outside Philadelphia voting locations.

It was Holder that pushed the Obama regime to sue Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the state of Arizona for having the gall to enforce federal and state immigration laws.

It was Holder that refused to inform Congress about giving guns to known drug lords (Operation Fast and Furious) then trying to cover it up.  After it blew up in his face, he even tried to use the scandal to justify stricter gun control laws.

And of course Holder and the Obama regime are not at all bashful about using the IRS to further their political agenda.  The Congress is just now getting started investigating the IRS suppressing conservative votes in the 2012 election by refusing to approve Tea Party groups’ applications for non-profit status.

So it should not have surprised anyone that the Obama regime would go after an gas and oil distribution company owned by a family that includes the Republican Governor of Tennessee.  While the charges against Haslam are … Read more at FryingPanSports

Josh McDaniel is the wrong choice to coach the Browns.

Josh McDaniel is the wrong choice to coach the Browns.


Those of you that have been reading this site for awhile know I am not a fan of Josh.


On Mar. 17, 2009 after Josh was caught trying to trade for QB Matt Cassel (NE) and caused his pro-bowl QB Jay Cutler to demand a trade, I wrote the following:


Bowlen blew it when he fired Mike Shanahan and blew it again in hiring the 32 year old McDaniels. McDaniels is not mature enough to be a head coach in the NFL. It was a bad hire and this is only the first screwup for which McD will be responsible.


I was correct.  Following that debacle, Josh was forced to give pro-bowl WR away for next to nothing and would have lost pro-bowl DE Dumerville to free agency if he had not been fired.  McD implemented a 3-4 forcing Dumerville to play OLB.  That is not the best way to use his talent.


To the credit of Bowlen (owner of the Broncos) his next hire was a good one.


Now the most persistent rumor about who will replace Shurmur is—wait for it—Josh McDaniel.  That would … Read more at FryingPanSports

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Cleveland sports legend Bob Karlovec

Cleveland sports legend Bob Karlovec joins us to preview the Browns preseason.

Howard Bloom of joins us to talk about the sale of the Browns and the danger of the concussion issue to all levels of football.

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