Discovering the Legends: The Best Pool Players of All Time

Learn all about the legends of pool who have shaped the game we know and love today. Find out who are the greatest pool players of all time!

For many, the greatest thrill in the game of pool is matching wits and skill against a worthy opponent. But even among pool aficionados, there are some players whose reputations as legends of the game have stood the test of time. Learn all about these champions of pool who are considered to be some of the greatest players ever!

The Best Pool Players of All Time
The Best Pool Players of All Time

Willie Mosconi: King of the Bankshot.

Willie Mosconi is known as the undisputed King of 15-Ball Pool. He holds a record which still stands today of running 526 consecutive balls without a miss, an accomplishment that won him the world championship in 1954. Willie’s skill at tactics and bankshots earned him incredible international recognition and paved the way for modern pool as we know it.

Loree Jon Jones – Queen of the Table.

Loree Jon Jones is a Pro-pool player and trick shot artist who earned the nickname of “The Queen of the Table” due to her impressive talent. She won the World Trick Shot Championship … Read more at FryingPanSports