NFL TV Ratings; A Sign Of Things To Come?

Sunday for many people is a special day. Filled with family, friends, and possibly some yelling at the television. Football has been a large part of people’s Sunday traditions, but with things being the way they have been lately, many are wondering when the focus will return to actual football. It seems less has been made of the game, and more is being made about what President Trump has tweeted out about something or which players have decided to take a knee for the National Anthem.

Regardless of your personal feelings on these subjects it does come across as slightly foreboding when you couple that with the fact that across the whole board NFL’s TV ratings are down. Some might say that this is attributed to the ongoing spectacle sideshow that the NFL has turned into. Commissioner Goodell has not ended the stalemate with the player’s union about proper procedure for pre-game policy, and continually rides the fence on the issue. This has further dragged on with President Trump now taking to the keyboard to weigh in his two cents worth.

The cold hard facts remain though that viewer ratings are down for every game except for the … Read more at FryingPanSports

Roger Goodell’s NFL Wheel of Misfortune!


Ryan Neiman of Sports District Radio is our guest on NNR tonight 6 PM EDT on or

“Hi I am Roger Goodell and welcome to my NFL Wheel of Misfortune show! Johnny who is our first victim?”

“Well Roger, it is Arizona Cardinal linebacker Daryl Washington come on down! Daryl has been a bad boy that has been caught taking PED’s for a third time.”

“Well Daryl spin the NFL Wheel of Misfortune!”


“Too bad for you Daryl you get indefinite suspension. That is the worst penalty we give out. It means you have to sit out for 12 months from today and petition for reinstatement. Then Daryl, if I feel like it and you have been a very good boy I might let you back in the league. Of course I might not let you back in too if I am having a bad day. Daryl would you like to appeal the penalty and spin again?”

“Yes please.”

(Buzzer sounds)

“Too bad Daryl. I decided your appeal is denied and you get the indefinite suspension. All in all Daryl that will cost you at least 3 million dollars. Please take our home version of the game … Read more at FryingPanSports

QB Controversies can be hazardous to a coach’s employment.


One of the things that head coaches at all levels of sports fear the most is a QB controversy. That is particularly true in the NFL. This preseason there are a number of them around the league. However, the analysis of each will be the fodder for future articles.

The point of this posting is the danger that they pose for the continued employment of coaches around the league. Despite what you have heard about pro players there is one thing you should know—players know which QB gives the team the best chance to win. If the coaching staff make the right choice everyone has a decent chance of holding onto his job. If not, the coaching staff will appreciate the extended unemployment benefits the federal government now provides.

The biggest risk of making a job threatening mistake is in the hands of Rex Ryan. The Jets have said that there will be a true competition between Geno Smith and Mike Vick. The staff wants Smith to win the job but based on what I have seen Vick gives the team a much better chance to win now. However I suspect that unless Smith stinks the place up so badly … Read more at FryingPanSports

News, Notes & Rumors for week 2




Injuries hit key players in the NFL again.  Ray Rice RB (BA) has a hip flexor.  WR Larry Fitzgerald (AZ) reinjured his hamstring but plans to play next week.  RB Reggie Bush (DT) has a knee sprain.  OT Ryan Clady (DV) has a Lisfranc strain and will be out several weeks.  WR Andre Johnson (HO) had a concussion but is expected to play next week.  RB Maurice Jones-Drew (JK) has an ankle sprain.  RB Eddie Lacy (GB) suffered a concussion. WR Malcom Floyd (SD) was carted off the field with a neck injury and is not expected to play any time soon.  NT Ian Williams (SF) broke an ankle and is out indefinitely.  S Eric Reid (SF) suffered a concussion.  S Tyvon Branch (OK) hurt his ankle and S Charles Godfrey (CR) is out for the year with an Achilles tear.  QB Brandon Weeden (CL) has a sprained thumb on his passing hand.


This Given Sunday site reports that three teams are in line for the first pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.  Those teams are 3) Tampa Bay 2) Cleveland and 1) Jacksonville.  The first pick will likely be QB Teddy Bridgewater QB of Louisville.

 … Read more at FryingPanSports

Life After the Game: Keys to Post-NFL Success by Don Davey

Our friend, Don Davey is an ex-NFL player and champion for retired NFL players.  Don played 8 seasons for the Packers and Jags.  He will join us on the News, Notes and Rumors show on Tuesday June 12 at 6:00 PM EDT.  Here is an article I felt was important to share with you from Don.

Life After the Game: Keys to Post-NFL Success

By Don Davey

I spent nine wonderful seasons in the NFL with the Green Bay Packers and Jacksonville Jaguars until retiring with a knee injury in 2000. I have spent the past twelve years re-defining myself as an entrepreneur, husband, father, friend, brother, son, athlete, and philanthropist. This transition has challenged me financially, emotionally, socially, intellectually, physically, and spiritually. I freely admit that I struggled with it for a long time and, truth be told, even after twelve years, I still struggle from time to time.

During this time I have watched literally hundreds of my former teammates and opponents go through the same transition. Some have handled it very well…but most have not. Below is a list of the most common mistakes I have witnessed over the years, some of which I have made myself:

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