Jump Bikes and Jump Biking – A New Sport

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Jump Bikes and Jump Biking – A New Sport

The newest addition to extreme sports is jump bikes!  They are taking dirt bike enthusiasts to another level and offering the athlete a new challenge! Traditional BMX bike owners are raving about the newest option, thanks to their appearance and overall performance abilities.

If you are new to the sport or are in the market for a jump bike, the following information should be taken into consideration before purchasing or riding one.

Jump bikes, like BMX bikes, limit the number of gears involved. Keeping the number of gears limited and the mechanics simple makes maintenance and upkeep minimal.   Another useful feature in addition to your gears is the horizontal dropouts. They allow a rider to set the tension of the chain more precisely. This creates a constant, reliable speed.

The frame should be lightweight but very strong. Jump bikes will be flying high and the weight of its frame should be kept at a minimum. Chromoly and 7005 Aluminum are both good metals for manufacturing bikes.  They reduce the weight of the bike, allowing it to soar upward effortlessly. An easy  way to spot a jump bike is by the location of its seat and the overall style of its frame. The frames are very compact and the seats are positioned extremely low. This positioning allows the rider greater flexibility and more room to move.

Tires chosen for a jump bike are usually wide and not fully inflated.  They must have a deep tread.
These features make landings softer and more controlled. Tires that are over inflated or have a slick tread will bounce or slide and can endanger a rider’s safety.

Durable wheel rims are a necessity for jump bikes. They must repeatedly bear the weight of a rider during the moment of impact each time they land a high jump.  Strong rims will diminish the chance of damage to your bike and even injury to the rider.

A rider doing such daring maneuvers requires brakes that can be trusted.  Mechanical disc brakes are always standard on true jump bikes. Another, more expensive option is hydraulics that help keep the brakes clean and reduce the signs of wear and tear. When considering the cost of replacing worn brakes this initial added cost may prove a wise investment.

The suspension system on your bike is critical. It will absorb the most punishment, therefore the finest system available should be demanded for your frame. The ability to adjust accordingly to the surface the rider will landing on will prove invaluable.

Dirt jump bikes that include all these features will enhance your ride and last the test of time!

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