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Top 5 Locations for Extreme Sports

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Spy007au bungee jumping off the Zambezi Bridge...

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Forget the beach and ditch the book, we all know that a holiday with a light dabble in some extreme sports is going to send you home with the best snaps…even if that means bone.

Here are 5 of the best locations in the world to tap your pulse and reinvigorate your adrenaline levels with some cool extreme sports.

  1. Nicaragua, Volcano Boarding

Anyone can snowboard the peaks of Chamonix, but what about boarding down an active volcano? Nicaragua is well known for its long civil war but as calm has been restored, this volcano country has seen extreme sports enthusiasts bound in, board in arm, to take on one of the country’s best challenges.

You won’t be short of volcanoes to choose from but Cerro Negro, Black Mountain is up there – literally, it is 675m above sea. It’s still active, it’s covered in black volcanic matter from its last eruption and it’s can give you speeds up to 40mph, just don’t pick up any gravel rash on the way.

  1. China, Bungee off Macau Tower

Bungee jumping has been around forever, or at least it feels that way. However, the man behind the bungee, A.J. Hackett has spent his life dedicated to keeping his gem of an idea fresh. From being set on fire and jumping into a pool at the Double Six night club in Bali (sadly no longer running, boo!) to his latest accomplishment – the world’s highest bungee (233m) off Macau Tower. If sailing close to the concrete isn’t extreme enough, coming within 30 metres of the solid floor surely is?

  1. USA, Street Luge in San Francisco

What do you get when you add wheels to San Francisco’s crazy hills? Street

Luge! Finding yourself lying down on little more than a skateboard on the streets of California, where this extreme sport was invented, makes for one hell of a rush, especially if you manage to reach 97mph. Turning and stopping will be the last thing on your mind as gravity takes over and the world whips by, but it’s probably worth figuring these out before you let the wheels take control.

  1. Dubai, Wingsuit Flying

Imagine being able to fly, and no, we don’t mean from Heathrow’s Terminal

  1. Actual flying, in the sky. What used to be the thing of childhood dreams and comics is now possible with the age of wingsuits. Donning what looks like a mattress that has been thinned in places…for good reason, people have been jumping out of planes, helicopters and even off ski slopes to take flight. Getting an aerial view of Dubai’s Atlantis Palm as you soar overhead has got to be one of the most awesome experiences. You’ll need a few flying hours under your wings first, though.
  2. Costa Rica, Surf the Salsa Brava

Some extreme sports don’t tire and surfing is one of them. Since it was first tried in Hawaii famous surf spots have popped up around the world, but few as infamous as the famous Salsa Brava. This legendry patch of surf can be found in Costa Rica and is loosely translated as ‘angry sauce’, which describes the skin shredding effect that comes when these fierce waves dump you on the coral reef.

Enjoy it while you’re on the board but don’t cry when you’re off.

Written by Annabel, Event Organiser for Chillisauce, a company specilaising in Stag Weekend Ideas and Hen Nights

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All About Bouldering

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Climbing technique

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Bouldering is a popular extreme sport wherein, as the term suggests, boulderers climb boulders or chunks of rocks.  This type of sport calls for high level of power and strength as well as complex climbing style or technique.

Such type of sport requires different equipment necessary for the boulderers to climb safely and successfully. One of which is a pair of climbing shoes that will provide the boulderer’s feet with enough grip and protection. A loose chalk powder is another tool needed to keep the hands dry while climbing. Brushes with different sizes are also necessary as they are used for cleaning holes to which the boulderers can hold on. Getting cuts, blisters, and sprained joints are also inevitable so sports tape should always be included in the kit. Comfortable and weather-appropriate clothing is another important requirement.

Bouldering is relatively harder than the traditional wall climbing because it involves more complicated rock patterns and requires greater endurance and swifter moves.

To protect boulderers from the impact of falling to ground, they put on crash pads known as boulder mats to avoid incurring more serious injuries. Normally, boulderers take a 3- to 5-meter climb. However, there are some who go free soloing wherein boulderers take on highball bouldering problem, which entails more than 7 meters of climbing. Gym-trained boulderers are usually the ones who take on such greater challenge.

Pierre Allain introduced and developed this sport in France in the 1930s. John Hill, on the other hand, pioneered the sport in the United States in the 1950s.

If you are interested in this kind of sport, you may check out some indoor climbing gyms near you. You may also bring your kids and get them a head start in developing their climbing skills. Just make sure you and your kids are fully geared and well-equipped to avoid injuries and accidents.

Top 5 Travel Destinations for Extreme Sports Enthusiasts

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A scuba diver looking at a giant clam on the G...

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Top 5 Travel Destinations for Extreme Sports Enthusiasts

Whether you are a scuba-diver, sky-diver, mountain climber, bungee-jumper or white water rafter, one thing is certain: these are extreme sports that only a select few are comfortable participating in.  Chances are, you love more than one of these sports and do them every chance you get. Here are some top travel destinations for the extreme sports enthusiast.

1)      Hawaii: This is one of the most beautiful places on earth, with clear-blue beaches and an abundance of marine life. You will find many opportunities such as scuba-diving, snorkelling, sky-diving and bungee-jumping. Whether you want to jump out of a plane to see the beautiful islands and scenery, or dive down 200 feet to see ship wrecks and corals, this spot is heaven on earth.

2)      Ottawa/Quebec: Ottawa provides one of the best white-water rafting experiences in North America; if you’re into sky-diving you can go to the Ottawa/Gatineau airport in Quebec. You will see breathtaking scenery, as well as the St. Lawrence River. This is definitely an extreme sportsman’s dream come true.

3)      Australia and the Great Barrier Reef: This famous reef is a picturesque sight of beauty. Snorkel or scuba dive to see the amazing marine life: sting rays, giant sea turtles, sharks and a colourful array of fish await you here. Don’t forget your underwater camera.

4)      Niagara Falls: Since you can’t go over the Falls in a barrel (it’s illegal), the sports enthusiast will have to settle for white-water rafting, or skydiving over this natural wonder. An amazing, thrilling adventure you won’t soon forget.

5)      Mount Kilimanjaro: Located in Tanzania, this famous sight is the mountain climber’s dream, and is conquered by thousands of people each year. Go on your own or with a tour guide; this will give you long lasting memories you won’t ever forget.

There are, of course, hundreds of other places throughout the world to practice your skills and see breathtaking views and sights. Keep in mind that some of the most popular are also some of the most crowded. You will have to decide where to go based on your own preference and budget. Create a top 10 list, and make some goals to visit at least three or four of them in the next five years. Don’t put anything off; you may regret it later. Visit your local travel agent, or do some research online for guided tours or packages. A word of caution about buying online: make sure you are purchasing from a reputable company, and that any tickets you purchase are in fact valid.

You should also be sure you have a life insurance policy in place before you venture onto your next destination. No one likes to think about their mortality, but the fact is the possibility of tragedy exists. Most athletes that enjoy extreme sports understands risk versus reward so I won’t lecture anybody here but being safe should be your number one priority.


Johnny Guyzer is a long time extreme sports enthusiast and although he enjoys the adrenaline rush, he understands that he needs to take care of his family first. That is the reason he buys Alberta life insurance if he plans on skiing in that province and buys Saskatchewan life insurance when he rides dirt bikes out in the Prairies.

5 Sporting Activities while in Cornwall

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Newquay, Cornwall

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Cornwall provides the tourist with so many options to have a good holiday, it can be difficult to decide what to actually do when your here. Here are a few tips I would recommended looking into if your planning to visit the south west this summer.

Surf – Surfing has become so popular in Cornwall of recent years, especially places like Newquay which have built a reputation for themselves as a ‘surf town’ have loads to offer you as an experienced surfer and if you are looking to learn, what better place to learn than in the sea in Cornwall with qualified instructors to help you get to grips with it. Admittedly you might need a more lessons than one, some people pick it up really quickly, but don’t expect to get it straight away, its harder than it looks, trust me!

Sail – Sailing is a sport which looks really difficult, but in fact once you understand the mechanics of it your laughing. In Cornwall at just about every large coastal town you will be able to learn to sail. If you have been sailing before then you will probably agree with my statement about the difficulty. Clubs based in the south west often have competitions racing to and from or around somewhere and its a great way of having fun while exercising constantly.

Wild swimming – The Sea around Cornwall is for about 4 months a good temperature to take a dip and the water is amongst some of the cleanest in the UK and provides a refreshing change from laying on the beach baking to a crisp and completely different to swimming in a chlorinated indoor heated pool. If you don’t fancy swimming in the sea check out some of the rivers around Cornwall, many are a bit calmer if you don’t like the waves.

Walking – Cornwall has many walks you can get stuck into, Lands end is one of the best places to walk, on the one side you have the sea with no land insight except for a very clear day and on the other endless nature which has been beaten down over the years by the savage winds. In land provides a different style of trek, Cornwall has a moors area in Bodmin which gives you the opportunity to trek across varied terrain and forested areas.

Diving – Cornwall offers tourists the chance to explore fully the waters around our rugged coast lines, home to many ship wrecks and the Manacles Reef based in Falmouth which attracts many experienced and new divers all year round to the third deepest natural harbor in the World.

As you can see, Cornwall provides you with many opportunities to have fun, enjoy your holiday and keep fit at the same time. These are just a few of the activities I would recommend looking into while you’re staying with us in Cornwall.

Isaac writes for a number of travel companies including Campers in Cornwall who provide VW Camper Vans which are available for rental when you are traveling around Cornwall and the South West of England. To find quality Campervan Hire Cornwall or VW Campervan Hire Cornwall check out Campers in Cornwall.

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Using Airsoft Targets To Enhance Your Shooting Skills

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Estonian Staff Sgt. Sigmar Zelinski and Cpl. E...
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The game of airsoft is amongst the many different kinds of extreme sports that continue to rise when it comes to popularity. Just like any other sports, it also involves the use of different kinds of equipments and accessories. The major equipments being used in playing airsoft are electric guns, tactical airsoft gears, targets, ammunition, and other accessories. Since airsoft revolves around using ammunition, this kind of extreme sport is usually being played by grown ups, although there are also times when kids are allowed to play — as long as they are being guided accordingly by grown ups.

For you to be able to completely enjoy the game, you should have complete airsoft equipments and accessories. Without proper protection, playing this game may get you injured. This is very true especially when you are playing against other players in a group or team battle. That is one reason why you should wear a complete set of airsoft protective gear that includes a helmet, a pair of gloves, boots, goggles, face mask, knee pads, and clothing. But, if you are only playing a practice game where you are shooting at airsoft targets, then wearing protective airsoft gear may not be that necessary.

If you haven’t tried playing the game of airsoft yet, then it is time for you to find some time and play the game as surely you will find it interesting and enjoying. Not only that you can exercise yourself physically, but also mentally as the game also encourages the players to think about tactics and strategies that are needed to win games. For you to be able to increase your skills regarding the game, it is advisable that you keep on practicing with the use of airsoft targets.

Due to the popularity of airsoft, there are now a lot of stores and sport shops that sell airsoft guns, ammunitions, gears, and accessories. If you want to purchase your airsoft equipments, gears, and accessories, the best venue to check is online. The internet can provide you with a very wide variety of choices when it comes to airguns, gears, targets, accessories, and many more.

What Makes a Sport Extreme?

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Extreme sport shot to popularity in the nineties, despite popular belief, the definition of extreme is not how inherently dangerous the sport is, but whether or not it aligns with a number of other unwritten rules. Extreme sport’s lowest common denominator is that of counter culture, by counter culture I mean being in opposition to the established culture of sport and recreation, that is, values of safety, fair play and sportsmanship. Cycling is statically one of the most dangerous sports, as riders often pick up numerous injuries, whereas Squash is one of the most lethal, more people die playing Squash than in any other sport.

A sport being classed as ‘extreme’ therefore, isn’t all about danger and death, rather it is a division of competitive sport that flies in the face of traditional ideals. Extreme sports are commonly perceived to be performed at high speed and provide an adrenaline rush, though this does not tell the whole story. Consider motorsport, arguably the quickest and most adrenaline inducing sport, this does not fall under the ‘extreme’ banner.

Rather, we may think about extreme sports in terms of their youthfulness or lack of tradition, thus BMX is far more widely thought of as an extreme sport than motor racing. Another facet of extreme sports is the propensity to perform stunts, this comes back to the counter-cultural aspect of the genre, rather than straight out competition, extreme sport allows an encourages the performance aspect; who can perform the most outlandish stunt? One thing we can say with confidence about is extreme sports is that they are largely individual endeavors (winning is based on time or accumulation of points) rather than team ‘games’.

The definition of extreme sports has changed over the years, closely intertwined with the marketing of certain sports or activities as ‘extreme’. When the term was first coined extreme activities were considered to be things like scuba diving, skiing, mountain biking and snowboarding. As these pursuits became more popular however they no longer warranted the ‘extreme’, counter cultural moniker and have been superseded by more youthful variations like skateboarding, BMXing and aggressive skating.

It is key to recognize the important part that other cultural artifacts play in the image and popularity of extreme sports, video games like the Tony Hawk series have done wonders for the popularity of skateboarding while punk rock bands like 182 have always been closely associated with the culture of extreme sports. So it seems extreme sports are fundamentally youthful, counter-cultural and influenced by media, while thriving on the perception of danger or risk of injury.

Joe is a copywriter and extreme sports enthusiast. He doesn’t do anything as dangerous like jumping off cliffs, but he does like to ride his BMX bikes.

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