Tighten Your Core with Break Dance

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Of all the dance disciplines, there are few as intense and body-transforming as break dance. Not only does it look amazing (and, let’s face it, really cool), but it also does incredible things for your body. Upper body strength is key to break dancing and general fitness will need to be upheld just to be able to pull off some of the more complicated choreography. Warm ups before a break dance lesson will tend to include an aerobics-style workout, featuring crunches, push ups and headstands, making this one of the more tricky styles of dance to get into. More than worth it, however, as once you have begun to pick up even the most basic moves break dance is energetic, exciting and will transform body your physical shape and the general way you move.

The History of Break Dance

Break dance originated in the 1970’s, inspired in part by James Brown’s energetic onstage moves, and quickly became popular with young athletic men who wanted to take part in a form of dance that was impressive and acceptable on the streets. Break dancers formed ‘crews’ and could meet up to ‘battle’ (basically a dance-off, with the emphasis on pulling off … Read more at FryingPanSports

Why Sports Should Be Part of Every Kid’s Life

Sports. Some of us hate them, some of us love them. Some of us grew up as the team’s shining star. They woke up early on the weekends for football or baseball practice, or ran track until they puked. Then there were those of us who preferred to sit on the sidelines and watch. We relished the use of the snooze button and slept ’til noon every Saturday and then got up and turned on the TV or played video games. This trend has continued over the decades, with more and more kids turning on TVs instead of getting turned on to sports. The effects of this trend have been disturbing with childhood obesity rates on the rise, and far too many kids getting into trouble with drugs and violence. If sports were part of the lives of more young people, we might see the trend reverse.

Tackling Childhood Obesity Through Athletics

In most areas, some type of sport activity is available for kids of various age groups. While some children are eager to play sports, there are some children who simply do not show much interest in competing. However, in light of the obesity rates in children that … Read more at FryingPanSports

Myron Rolle ranks his NFL career behind his education

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Myron Rolle ranks his NFL career behind his education

By Bill Smith

NFL scouts might question CB Myron Rolle’s 40 time, or if his hips are fluid enough but they can never question his intelligence. Rolle is a Rhodes Scholar. Today, he announced he would postpone his NFL career and spend 2009 in Oxford England getting a masters degree in medical technology.

But there is a lot more to this story than that. Rolle was told by the league’s NFL draft forecast that he would be a top 50 pick. That would mean a cash signing bonus of around 2 million and a 3 year contract worth about 18 million. That isn’t bad, but someone as smart as Rolle can do better.

Rolle came to Florida State from the Hun School of Princeton where he maintained a 4.0 grade point. At FSU he graduated in just 2.5 years majoring in exercise science with a focus on pre-med. He is currently finishing up his masters in Public Administration. At the same time, he became an All American corner back for FSU.

Sometimes football conflicted with his academic pursuits. His interview … Read more at FryingPanSports